How does one become a dstv /zuku dealer?

Do you contact the company directly or go through superdealers?
Are there specific requirements Eg minimum capital?
Anyone in the know kindly illuminate

Have you bothered to enquire from the companies themselves. I believe they are the best suited to give you that information.

Just send an email to their sales teams, if they are competent enough they will help you as much as they can

I know Dstv is on Twitter and Facebook and they respond to queries within a very short time. Not so sure about Zuku though but you can search them in the two forums.

Alafuuuuu…do those dstv/zuku dealers receive a one off commission for every set top box sold, ama they also get a cut of the monthly payments made for every box sold? I understand safaricom dealers receive a % of airtime loaded to the lines they sell? Asking for myself.

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You could also visit their offices, I am sure you will get all the information that you require… Most companies treat prospective very differently to the treatment they accord jobseekers

Sometimes towards end of last year, multichoice advertised in the papers looking for resellers. They had manageable requirements. I thus believe they are open to business enquiries. Just get the tel contacts and make the call.

Bear in mind however that with the current competition for pay tv services, dstv might not be the most prudent avenue to go down.

Called and sent emails, awaiting response…

however, with this news DSTV is on the wrong side of the market


A quick one , do u pay monthly or its a One time thing

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700 bob a month but pia kuna a one off plan ya 20k, however this is without internet charges if you are in a an area covered by Zuku triple play uko sawa sana

20k ni ya OTT android box it has netflix already in it

Dstv won’t die anytime soon, it’s biggest advantage is simplicity, ease of use and long term 'reliability ’
It’s biggest threat is high speed Internet but at the slow pace net is spreading in kenya there’s still a few years left for them to cash in

hii netflix inahitaji internet speeds ya ngapi ili isihang?

Lakini if more Nairobi and Mombasa residents get reliable data services in their homes, then DSTV will lose out significantly. Ni kama telkom wakati mobile phones zilianza kuwa common.

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With the Netflix thing, how will I be able to watch EPL or anything I want? How will the streams be with an internet speed of 20Mb/s?..I am concerned because everything I see online about Netflix is Movies and Series… etc,