How does a curfew help?

It is pure nonsense to claim that a curfew can help prevent the spread of virus. However, it is clear a full lockdown would lead to chaos since we are a hustler nation and most of us do not have any form of social protection. But to protect the rich especially at night during this crisis a curfew was put in place. Anyway, please note that the ruling class has made you hustlers deliberately so that you continue being a source of cheap labor to them. People see this is a marxist way of thinking but it is fact. The other day old women selling at a market in Thika were teargased in the name of corona yet had the officers told them to leave peacefully without force they would have complied.

Go and think again

Konyagi family has made us desperate by design starting from the old frog after independence.
It demonized ppl like OO - Raos dad because he didn’t support grabbing.

Now RAT is eating at the same table with the despots

You will see the benefits after 9 months.

After trying to save Kenyans from themselves and receiving kicks in the teeth.

It’s a delicate balance between keeping the businesses/economy running and practicing social distancing. While many infections will still happen during the day, it’s normally at night when people get crowded in bars and clubs, where the chances of transmission increase tenfold.
[SIZE=2]Will also facilitate procreation. [/SIZE]

The number of people in bars is incomparable to the number of people meeting during the day.

Night curfews are for unrests due to wars and street demos. Day curfew would have sufficed but you never know with corona,its very active in the dark [SIZE=1]true story[/SIZE]

That’s a fallacy.
So in your opinion, you’d rather have no crowd control at all? Or, would you rather have a 24hr curfew?

I would rather not have my schedule messed by busybodies who dont even understand what they are taking about. Explain to me why some flights have their transponders off on approaching airports now that you are this smart.

Raila is not as dignified as his father. But the Lord knows most of us want the Kenyattas out ASAP. Enuff is enuff.