How do you prepare for sex?

How do you prepare for sex with your date? Do you do anything special during the day? Do you go for a massage or masturbate?

Share your ideas.

Me hungoja kuma nrarue 2hours nonstop

I remove my clothes.

Inaonekana unapenda mkwangalas. Team up with @Female Perspective mfungue association to protect your rights to all horny all the time.

i take a shower

During my day, we used to lift rocks using the Tree and To Tow stalled Suzuki vans by the Tree. But that’s so old school. @FieldMarshal CouchP prepares by swallowing three blue pills, @uwesmake takes Gilbeys by the jug, @introvert inhales copus amounts of Nduthi fumes, @culture must have used mothers union stand by, @Meria Mata must stare at an Actross for an hour while @Tommy Lee Sparta downloads 3Telabites of ngwati just for one romp. It’s a weird world sis.

sharpen the rungu…like a pencil is sharpened ama vile miwa huchongwa ndo ing’are ng’a ng’a
We spit twice in the honeypot…thu thu
then kila mtu atafute raha yake na amalize at their own pace



Prancing around the room

Two things…
And Lube…

Desensitizer na niliona ukikula njugu na energy drinks? hehehe Omera

That’s for knocking out the prey.


live fish not edible?..i remember a scavanger


Months of interacting with Ted Bundy have gotten to you

Rule number uno, don’t prepare for sex, otherwise it won’t be SWEET

“Hey unado nn?”
Buys condoms
Gets laid. Chill. Get laid. Chill.
*Rinse and repeat **

The guy is on another level this week