How do you manage?

Talkers i need some insight

I am a slow riser when it comes to morning and usually wake about 7.30-8am. Mostly i feel tired but once i take a shower I am back to 100%.

How do you guys manage to wake up at 5am? I need hints on how i can manage to sleep at 11pm-12pm and wake 6am without hustle of feeling like i have a hangover!!

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Just do it


Eat less food at night, or simply go to bed hungry!


I have noted the nights i take just a small piece of ugali/carb’ i wake up feeling more refreshed …something to do with digestion of heavy meal at night leaving you tired by morning.
@Luther12 leta hiyo biology

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Huh? All I know is you really don’t need a heavy dinner, unless you work night shifts like some of us. Have your last meal of the day at least 2hrs prior to bedtime.


Its usually war in the morning. I fight and struggle to literally drag myself out of bed ai! and no matter how early I wake up, mimi hutoka kejani at the exact same time like clock work, hadi najiuliza kwani nimerogwa!


Early to bed, early to rise. It really is that simple.


Early is relative… How early is early?

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as early as you want to wake!, yaani kama unataka kuamka, lala 8pm, kama unataka kuamka 1am lala 6pm, like that

Depends on how early you wanna wake up.

As i said up there i want to wake up at 6am

What time then should i sleep? I prefer sleeping at 11-11.30pm

Same here.
Last week i was wondering if am a member of night runner sacco because i wake up so fuckin tired

You only need alarm for a week and your body will adjust

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I hate alarms and i sure will snooze or shut it down and continue…

Shida yako sasa

You can’t ask what time you should sleep then go right ahead and tell me you can’t sleep before 11. You can’t have your cake and eat it. Try sleeping earlier than that and see the difference it makes.


if you had a digital TV kama zile zilikuwa on offer pale kwa mall, you can set it up as your alarm, it would force you to wake up and walk all the way hadi mahali iko…

Hehehe ati how do you manage?? You’re lucky to be asking that question. Some of us have no choice…we have to wake up at the crack of dawn ama we lose our jobs na vile mabills ni mob. What time do you have to be at work?? I think you’re rather idle. Find more activities to do and you won’t have time for sleep.


Kaka braza you are just being lazy. Hutaki kuamka, unataka kulala 11.30 pm. Jipange mujamaa ama ulambe lolo

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patterns and routines create behavior. Start doing it na mwili itazoea. Kuamka saa mbili ni uvivu.