How Do You Make A Girl stop Coming At Your Place.

There’s this girl who won’t stop coming to my place no matter what I tell her. I’ve already hit it. I do not mind having women over, except this one.

She is clumsy, careless as hell and lack self-respect (or maybe she’s crazy). She’s broken cups and glasses and doesn’t even bother cleaning the shards well. She’s spilt liquids on my carpet several times and one time she dropped my T. V remote, didn’t bother picking it up then stepped on it and it stopped working. She has left my cooker still on and I came home to a house full of methane on three different occasions. She never makes an effort to clean after herself.

She is also boring as hell, but furks like it’s a job and she is on a deadline.

I told her to change or else I wouldn’t allow her to come to my place. She promised she would, but didn’t so I barred her from coming.

She comes anyway and acts as if nothing is going on and I have to chase her away.

I think there is a neighbor who tells her whenever I am around because she never seems to miss those moments.

She’s even found me with another girl, but she just said she would come later.

I would be happy about all this attention if it wasn’t for her disregard for anything decent.

She is not even that hot for me to consolidate myself in regards to her self conduct.

I also think she is planning something really bad.

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hama usiku kizee



Sasa weweeeeeeee.


vile fish bongo amesema hapa juu

You pick a lanye/chokosh for a girlfriend and you expect???Wacha niachie hapo.

Bro suluhisho ni kuhama in the dead of the night i know of a stalking psycho bitch its a delicate act


With great respect to our laying-the-auditor comrade hood, a lady who is lower in your assesment makes great partners and know how to take care of you kwa vitu kama meals, cleaning and company

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unasumbua kizee, next time she knocks on your door simply don’t open it , just tell her to fuckoff


Everytime she comes tell her una expect mtu (a mwoman offcos) and her presence itakatsia usipate ikusde. This u tell her at the door kama ume block mlango na unaweka sura ya kazi. Do this 3 times and she will never come back

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Kill her, dump the body on a dumpsite. Do it on Sunday night.


This is what makes ladies do nasty things to jamaas


She will never stop … you encourage her deeds by sleeping with her

Ebu epa faster


Enlighten me

Did she leave the gas cooker on after she learnt you were fucking other bitches ? That is a pysco bitch hama before she does something worse like cutting off your balls


Keep your door closed always & inform her you hate surprise visits therefore she should book an appointment.

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sijasoma hii yote lakini kitu rahisi msijana hapana kuja kwako ni usioge kama mwezi moja. utakuwa na jasho ngumu kwa mwili na jaribu ku kiss kiss yeye.

Wewe umekaliwa chapati


I wanted to crack a joke but this situation is deadly, pun intended. Hama kijana ama uyo dame akue next miss langata womens’ prison


The love she has for the jamaa is the one that makes her behave unrationally.

When its clear that the love wont be reciprocated, she will first feel so down.

Then she will start thinking events over and will clearly spot the dharau the dude did to her

Finally, she will be vengeful

and only God knows what she will do.

What came to my mind first is that, she comes back the 4th time, jamaa opens the door halfway …the lady lunges forward sinking a cheap chinese kitchen Knife into his belly

Best thing to break up with a lady is to be the most useless person she would ever imagine you would ever be