How Do You Like Your Gaming?

To the Gamers in the house,how do you like to control your video games?


Dual sense wireless controller with immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone

Always? Ama brand ingine?

Unafikiria menstruation is a game?

I envy you.
Mimi nangoja hii bei ya PS5 ishuke kiasi.


Xbox one controller… works flawlessly on windows

You can talk all day but nothing beats mouse and a keypad especially a gamer designed keyboard. a pad was designed for console and yes Xbox pads do work with Windows PC but Wtf would you play with a pad on pc? the same reason why gaming on a PC is a totally different experience from a console is the same reason mouse and keyboard will always be supreme than a console or any other pad (controller)

gaming mouse accelerated…