How do you know you’re dealing with an inferior person?

For me I’lld say people who want something for nothing, or as Ayn Rand would put it, the desire for the unearned. This would naturally include like 90% of bonobos.

Uko kwa hio 90% mkiwa na @Ndindu

If he sucks a staff member cock so that his online enemies are banned . That’s an inferior fool

Anyone who shows emotions… I can be pissed but still be as calm as a rock I can be happy but still be lukewarm. Be a man of few words and often be very objective about your discussions

Ngimanene instantly comes to mind.

@Jimit hujaambiwo vipowa

Mkamba mjinga nafurahi sana nikiona unalia @uwesmake, @Electronics4u thank you very much

Wapee matako .they love faggots like youScreenshot_20220816-202610.png

Hii profile picture yako inanimaliza :D, @Electronics4u usirudishe hii jamaa

Welcome but sitaki matako yako chafu

Ukijipatana na mafala wanataka ku prove.ia anonymus people kwa web forums about their non existent degrees na mbiashara/wealths zao za pale jaba street.

Idiots who try to play mind games, cons and frauds, liars who try to mess my vibe, but i consistently beat them at they own game. Thats an inferior mofo to me.

Shuwally Alehadro, and all I do is give you sage advice, be a man, hama kwa mum, stop fantasizing