Wakubwa, Rats have infested my place.

How do I deal with them. Sitaki kutumia sumu that may affect other animals kama kuku.

Are there alternative things that can kill them?


Start charging them rent

Kuna hi dawa ya humans ya tumbo. I have forgoten its name. Hio ndio natafuta


indocine. lakini sio ya tumbo

to clear rodents completely in your house, seal all the entry points. Tafuta mahali gupanya gunapita na uzimbe. Other methods are just temporal

Fuga nyoka.

Yah hio. Thanks.


Well you have holes in the house , seal them first , then get a cat . Works well

Kizungu miiingi, si ungesema Tu dawa ya tumbo ya panya

They are difficult to control. As stated above, seal all entry points. Clean out your house and dont leave food lying around, stored food should be in raised storage shelves. Then use mouse traps.


Get yourself a Cat the most eco-friendly way to get rid of rats. The cat’s meow scares away those bastards

If any given fool was to go to youtube and search for
“rat trap”
“Diy rat trap”
“Homemade rat trap” etc, said fool would find 1000s of rat trap ideas that work and eliminate rats in an entire area.

A good one is where you set up some big plastic bottle contraption then every evening you load bait then every morning you find a few rats and add water to the bottle (drowning rats) empty the bottle and repeat, after some time there are no rats.



panya ikinusanga jasho ya paka haiwezi kaa hapo

Paka za huku hazisweat. Ata zikisweat zi hutumia roll on. Panya zinatumaliza manze.

:D:D:D:D:D hii imenimalisa.

  1. Usafi na si ndani ya nyumba tu bali pia mazingira ya nnche.
  2. Food remains should be discarded or locked in a cabinet/ fridge.
    3.Block / control all entry points .
    4.Use rat baits but should be placed under very low clearance pallets where kids & other pets can’t penetrate.