How do you kick a girl out of your house

Women!! So this girl comes to visit me on Monday and am all excited coz I’ll be getting some all night and she’ll be leaving the next morning which is all cool.
Problem is that she didn’t leave and today morning she tells me that she loves the place and she’s getting comfortable nikashangaa.
So village mirrionaires how do you kick out such girls and what’s your experience with mbishes that want to stick around like glue?

Easy… fuck another biach in her presence.


How many times should I repeat this?! Kojoa kitandani. Akikuuliza mwambie hujai acha but umepunguza ata kunya siku izi. It’s a sign of dominance and she will get it.


Risky…do you want me to lose my transformer while I sleep?


:eek::D:D:D Aki wewe ni mchawi.



Jifanye unaenda trip ya wira, pack bag, mwambie kesho mnatoka ngware 5.30, piga lap mtaani, rudisha bag kwa nyumba, endelea na maisha. Next time ukiwa manjaa utamwita tena coz. hamtakuwa mmekosana


eish bana… crude!!

Boss, nothing beats straight talk…Tell it to her face you want her to leave and come back weekend.

Ubaya ya wanaume wa siku izi ni usissy…you fear telling a lady something because she will get hurt. real men dont fear…tell it as it is, akubali asikubali. Your toe is the one being stepped on at the end of day


Good suggestion. Nimetry kuleta arguments za ufala ndio aende but she’s unfazed and looks like she wants to stay put.

True dat, but I disagree on the sissy part. The problem I have is that nikiamua ni straight talk I can get nasty and burn bridges so I am trying to figure out a polite clever way.

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I honestly don’t have the answer to this question. Such small matters are usually handled by my security detail.


We muoe at once if you cannot have a straight talk with her.

Not gonna happen. Wacha nitry iyo straight talk basi.


Kwani hana place of work nini? Akiishia asubuhi, unarudi saa sita. Akiuliza place uko unamshow works imebidi uextend. Kumbe we uko tao unakunywa kadhaa ndio urudi mtaani. Atatafuta pa kuenda.

I never said you tell her in an arrogant, crude nasty way…APANA… Mwanaume ni Tact .Im jus saying the best is to tell her,how - you figure out. Never told you to burn bridges. Usitukane wakunga uzazi ungalipo or Usimtusi mbeba kuma, nyege zingalipo!!


Fisi ilidhani imeangukia, kumbe imeangukiwa!


[li]Ask her: “If ur ex can join u. You split up a long time ago but she’s ur best friend and u do everything together.”[/li][li]I think your breath smells funky. Do you want a mint because your breath definitely smells funky." Just to be sure that she’ll hate you forever, also ask her: “When was the last time you saw a dentist? Because I think you have a rotten tooth,” and then turn her face away from yourself and politely add: “Could you, please, just look the other way when you speak?”[/li][li]Tell her “Wow, your breast feel exactly like my mom’s!”[/li][li]Tell her that you don’t believe in monogamy. After you’ve told her you don’t believe in monogamy, tell her that you want to have a threesome with you, her and a goat.[/li][/ol]
If these don’t work…I’ll join u in prayers my brethren and the prayers will be she get a heart attack and Die…Coz hapo sasa utakuwa Officially Doomed…


Hahaha…mad millionaires everywhere

Hakuna cha bure msee. hehehe…Back to vaseline…Ama ni sabuni ya panga?