How do you guys concentrate when your women leave the house looking snacky like this?


Hii kitu sio ya mutu mmoja. Until u make peace with that u will never scale the highest potential that is reserved for ALPHA MALES

Kabisa…instead…work on urself till she gets insecure …chapa tizi, look fit, dress Smart,get urself a silver Benz, Kisha uone hyo wasiwasi ataget

:D:D:D:D All the above effort kutesa tu mama watoto.

Hii upuss hufanywa na insecure men. Tafadhali do not try this at home. Jijenge for the sake of your family. Work towards making it a home. Enjoy each other’s company, and to your kids be their role model. Be happy…in fact a good wife will want to see you looking good, in great shape and driving a nice car.

These are things you do as a man by nature…it should be in ur nature to self improve regardless of ur marital status…

I had a girl who used to wear such but even shorter. I said I’m not comfortable with it but akasema ni insecurity.
Me being me (I work out, I’m an above average powerlifter), nilivaa a short short to a function. Sina mazgwembe but ass and thighs are massive. My chest is also well sculpted. Madem wengi waliniapproach. Of course Dem anajam. I’m like my clothes are less revealing than yours so shida iko wapi. After hapo alireduce frequency ya kuvaa nguo inakaa handkerchief.

Unrelated but it’s why I preach self improvement. You can replace a girl anytime but to find someone like you she has to go through 7 men

:smiley: Dah! Mpaka ilibidi uvalie kaptula kwa function? Dealing with girls ni ngumu

Ndio maana sai niko break from them:D
Yaani society keeps saying girls are more empathetic etc. But ilibidi nimshow 2 can play that game ndio akuwe uncomfortable. Nimelose hope at this point

First off, the effort put to scour the internet for other people’s photos could be better put to use to self improve.

None of the provided specimen is married so that could be a pointer to their choice of dress.

A man going to extremes to compete with his wife/ lady has his priorities inverted. Relationships are not about competition but building each other.

young man akitoa weave, afunge leso… si luxury gets boring after a while

Sasa wewe hukaa tu mbele ya kiio ukijiambia vile una Ass na Thighs massive??!

Fungua Kabati tu utoke.

Inaitwa awareness. Hadi khakis nabuy za madem naslimisha waist because I’m built.


I dont see skimpy dressing as an issue.
This how i deal with it…ati ametoka shower amengara amejipodoa…i just appreciate the looks…tell her im already missing her for the time she’ll be out…and shes just turned me on so shes got to sort out the boner shes given me…akileta nye nye nye nitachelewa im already made up…i tell her i wont touch her hair and face, no kissing to smudge her make up…no undressing ni simwagi ndani…skirt up panty to the side or zip down longi to her knees plus the panty…doggie quickie and let her go.
Kama anaenda kugawa…endelea pahali nimeachia.
Siwezi shtuliwa na vitu ndogo ndogo.

@Tom Bayeye kuja upige punyeto hapa kaka…dont let it go to waste

Upuuus hakuna alpha mentality hapo , a man must be protective and care about how his wife behave and appear in front of other men . It is better you don’t marry if you can’t do this

Low iq and simp mentality. If they intend to cheat they will do it whether ukona six pack ama unaendesha latest Porsche, women don’t care. The only way to stop her from cheating ni ajue they will be consequences if she cheats

No, it’s because you have a tranvestic disorder or fetish…


Wewe ingia planteshen bila kutusumbua. Sisi kazi yetu nikudinyana. Wewe oa.

nimeachia hapa…