How do you go about securing Transporting Cargo Contracts

I have a friend who has 2 closed Isuzu trucks registration KC & KD (10 wheeled ones) which he had for his business though due unavoidable issues he closed down his business.He had been repaying said trucks and is almost done (1/4 balance) repaying them but needs to get good contracts to help him pay up remaining loan and if possible continue this as a business.
Any ideas of good companies to get contracts from that pay well ? or someone who can point him to the right direction.

he can lease them to DHL.They are in constant need for transport especially because of their engagements with EABL to transport beer and other drinks from their plant in Ruaraka to the distributors across the country.A pal worked in Afghanistan for almost ten years.He came back and bought a Actros prime mover and a trailer.Alisota sana after the purchases to the point of contemplating going back to Afghanistan.Ali sign up na DHL sikuizi kazi nikushinda tu zile ma club za city mall nyal akikunywa as early as 10am kama ameweka masimu nne kwa meza.