Last month I learnt that it is a requirement for college students to go for attachment and be graded just like teachers and nurses. But guys courses like social sciences, enterprenurship, BABA ALINITUMA,MARINE STUDIES, FISHERIES,BCOM. Where do you find attachment for these courses. I pity today’s graduates.

Sema unatafuta attacho. Ask your lectures qhere to find it

Industrial attachment ya 3 months ni rahisi kupata ata yeye mwenyewe aeza jitafutia.

Sasa enterprenuership really utapata wapi?

Nilisoma wakati JAB ilikuwa inachukua 10000 students. I scored B plus ya 68 and I didn’t qualify.

Nilidhani ni kazi ya college ama uni kukutafutia …kwani munasomea wapi banae.

Wadau … roll up ur sleeves, get ur hands dirty na mrudi mashinani. Hii upuss ya white collar na mtakufa maskini … yaani u add no value to humanity … utakufa mtu ovyo bure kabisa heri ata burukenge.

It’s complicated

Most men born in 80s and 90s will be squtters or own a land less than a acre from inheritance. And if they decide to buy, they will get a land in a very dry place un condusive for farming.

Haikuagi serious ivo, bora awe mahali “kwa ground” kwenye atajaziwa logbook, haijalishi anafanya course gani,

Sani is right, it’s no biggie really. By the time I was slotted for my attachment I couldn’t give two shits about my degree. So I just got the logbook filled by someone I know in some far-flung part of KE where our old lecturers would never visit. Worked like a charm and I got to attend to other engagements.

You have a lazy, dependent son, @General kahiu Itina

Umsomeshe hadi unifasete, halafu umtafutie attachment?