How do one handle rejection after an interview?

Wadau after undergoing a 6 stage interview process,nimepigwa na regret mail, mind you nimetegea the feedback for close to a month only to be disappointed. Naona nikigive up applying for these roles for now

Arimis + Gibleys

I think best thing ni ukumbuke vile huwa wanatoa ushuhuda kuwa all the richest men, almost all the most successful names you hear in the world of money makers have histories of not making the cut in school, interviews or business pitches. But they are successful because they never gave up!

How dumb are you bro?

Recipe for depression:D


Chonjo kabisa

Hii huwanga chocha most times…mtu wa kukujenga atakujenga as soon as possible…watu wengi huwa very selfish…an employer is not your friend.

Wacha tuone kama ku bail out and charting your own course is better…next week tu tuanze na ruto.

Umenikumbusha of an interview I had in 2019 for a position in a multinational company. It had 5 stages and I had to commute from Msa to Nrb weekly just for the interview. Nilifika finals lakini nikashindwa. The most appalling thing about that firm was hawakuniambia position imepeanwa so Mimi there I was waiting kama fala Hadi ikabidi nipigie HR was huko nimuulize kunaendaje na ni Hapo akaniambia the interview outcome. Honestly I felt disgusted but with more rejections nilikuja kuwa hardy. Sikuhizi marejections don’t affect me at all. What I can advise you is to channel your energy into doing other constructive things like biz

Regret mail ni wao basically telling you “F*ck you but have a nice day.”
I wouldn’t tell you to give up or not to since I’m not aware of your situation or what they were looking for but hang in there man.

Reply back and tell them to fuck themselves

No! Wataniblacklist:D


Imagine acing 2-3 technical interviews then upuzi ya culture fit inakutoa nje:(

I got rejected in my first and last interview na ivyo ndyo nliingia Jua kali uku hakuna izo red tape.

Ulipunguza fombe?

Consistency bro

Two weeks sober feeling like a new man.

Kuna sonko wa recruitment firm flani aliniambia hizo process hukuwa tu upuzi ya kuchuja mafala… Ukiwa na mtu wako unamshtua beforehand