How do Kenyans ship things abroad

I try to unbonobolize thinking.

I see numerous posts on how to ship sh1t to Kenya from sijui pale yues, yukei, jaina etc

I never see posts on how to ships sh1t to yues, yukei, jaina etc.

Elders who here ship sh1t to yues, yukei, jina etc.

I think that is better information for non bonoboist.

Someone aweke knowledge ya exporting sio importing tafasal.


Otherwise ni Ujinga kama kazi ni kununua na huuzi any.

Good luck hombre.

The only exporting I know is from flower firms and tea farms.

Poverty ina sababu


Najua Tu DHL.

I’ve shipped stuff to Europe and the West.

Sjui alternative cheap.

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How hard was it? What weight? Shipping was what percent of value of goods? How long did it take?

Asande brah.

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The only shit is they measure and charge by volume.

Length by width by height and weight.

But convenience iko almost guaranteed,

Enda na hapo nyuma ya Hilton from union tower.

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can one do it sustainably as a business with clients? na hujasema price as percentage of value.

you good bro. asande

na kama ni DHL, I wouldnt bother. its hard enough shipping in, out must be drama.

nani mkenya has a shipping out company? KQ goes to NYC bado?

I personally have seen West Africans shipping a lot of their foods to their communities.

Never seen Kenyans shipping any by volume

Waria agents cheaper

Before khat was made illegal, they used to supply it hadi worldwide.