how do i recover data from a soft-bricked android phone?

wadau, my old phone (huawei y330) imekua soft-bricked for some unknown reason, naweza aje recover vitu from the internal storage? hio simu ni chiet but ikona vitu important sana kwa internal storage.

Get stock rom and use sp flash tool halafu make sure box ya userdata is unchecked before you start

before you start what?
Why not give a numerical procedure on the steps to achieve a successful full data recovery?

Which model y330-U01 or y330-U11 ?

Does it get to recovery mode, if u connect to pc while in revoverympde u can mount internal storage. Otherwise suffer in silence and nxt time backup your nudes to cloud

Vile zee amesema ndio the best option otherwise skiza snapdragon na ueke cloud next time


yes, it gets to recovery mode

phone ikona na ujinga sana, nilitry hiyo stuff ikakataa, sp flash tool haipati phone ata, and i’ve already installed the required mtk drivers

Dirty flash the stock rom

Ita bidi nime google bio stuff, anyway, nilitry kwa comp engine spFlashtools ikaipata but nikitry Ku flash stock ROM in an is how hii error [ATTACH=full]165106[/ATTACH]

First of all, huawei phones are flashed using spFlashtool? I thought hii sp ilikuwa ya mediatek phones

Hello. First of all. please check your rom version. You can do this by going into recovery mode and taking note of the numbers at the top of the screen. Thats your rom version. Go to google and search for that Rom. (for your phone it may be less than 700mb).

Extract your downloaded stock rom somwhere you can find it.

Download the latest SPFlashtool from here: . Extract it somewhere accessible.

Install VCOM drivers. This is the most important part. (Disable driver signature enforcement if you are having problem). Watch this video to do so:

Restart your computer and power off your phone.

Open SPFashtool and click on scatter-loading. then go to the rom folder you extracted and select the scatter file.


connect your now turned off phone to your PC. (vcom drivers should install). Remove the phones battery and uncheck userdata.

click on download and re-insert your your battery. The flashing process should begin. Let it go undisturbed unless you want to permanently brick your phone.

Thats it.