how do i quit facebook?

as in ku shut down account kapsaa! its been a yr now na hii kitu naona ina ni bore sana!! afadhali hata ktalk.

Google is your?

Deactivate account and eat a corner.

You have never ever seen where the logout prompt is located or what the ferk are you asking?

Hata uki log out the damn thing keeps on poping up …ati log in to see what shits your idle friends are posting… Deactivate account vile amesema hapo juu…it goes for good

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ngoa macho

Andikia Zukabaga umwambie unahama hio mukuru wake

its like asking us 'how to break up with an Ex… well nipe email na password i will deactivate it for you

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Google how to deactivate/ delete fb account permanently.

Deactivate the account and dont try to log in for 14 days. If you try to log in it will reactivate. IF YOU LEAVE IT FOR 14 DAYS IT WILL BE PERMANENTLY DELETED. This is facebook’s way of making sure that you really want to leave.

No, deactivating is different from deleting your Facebook account. With deactivation, you can return back at any time and however many times you want by simply logging in again. When you want to deactivate again you simply go back to the settings and deactivate. Again and again.

But with deleting, Facebook give you a 14 day grace period to change your mind on whether you want to delete or not. You will see this alert as you try to log in within the 14 days after you had clicked on delete. But usipochange mind within those 2 weeks, your account will be permanently deleted from their servers and u can never log into it again!

Just become friends with a lot of random spam accounts and join spammy groups, you will hate Facebook to the point of never wanting to log in.