How do I pay for Safaricom home WIFI?

How do I pay for Safaricom home WIFI?
[li]USSD: dial *400# select “Home Plus” and after selecting your preferred bundle, follow the prompts to make payment.[/li][li]mySafaricom app: download from your Playstore or AppStore and select the HOME Fibre tab.[/li][li]M-PESA: use PAYBILL no.150501 and key in your account number in the ‘account number’ section.[/li][/ol]

Muhindi tuko telkom



Siku hizi i prefer someone showing me speed ya idm, not this speed tests

Net speeds are measured in bits per second, your just have to divide those figures by 8 to get the speed in bytes

hizo figure banae hazieleweki
napatanga 1.5mbps speedtest na kudownload ni 4MB/s

Mimi I prefer download speed of torrent. Safaricom can have the fastest speed for watching pornhub and Youtube but slowest FOR DOWNLOADING VIA TORRENTS!

Airtel does very well for torrents I don’t know why.

ukiwa airtel, seeder namba 1 ni ip ya india na ukiona client anatumia, ni kitu kama -UVVUVM-
ni kama wako na server huko airtel india inaweka popular torrents kwa cache

Umenikumbusha mbali as an intern fresh kutokea campus hio ofisi ilikuwa na KDN fiber inafika hadi 100Mbps at times , nilikuwa nabeba FHD series na movies kama 20GB plus in a day.

mimi nilikua natumia ya UON, wish i had money that time to buy large capacity HDDs

boss you can get speed ya 5mbs na ya 50mbs yet the actual download speed for both is the same.

LIES. The story of Telkom

I see, kuna files I was downloading the speed was so low less than 100KBps on safaricom but nikiswitch to airtel inashoot to even 2MBps(in fact faster than some normal downloads)

Pia inategemea server yenye unatest speed nae, but I was assuming all factors are at a max

Telkom 180GB for 2k is what I find convenient.