How do I get this person to pay me?

Guys, there’s a certain UK lady whom I’ve now come to admit amenifanyia ile kitu.

I’ve been working remotely for the past one year offering web development and related services. In April last year, I met this London-based lady who was looking for a web dev and a VA. I offered to do both for an hourly rate that wasn’t so bad (at least for a newbie). For the first 2 or 3 months, she made payments without a fuss, albeit late by a few weeks every time (red flag as payments we’d agreed payments should have been done fortnightly). Out of naivety (in retrospect), I carried on working for 3 months without a single payment.

7 months down the line, I’m having it rough as this blindsided me and I haven’t been able to regain my footing financially. The really painful part is that they’ve only ever responded once, towards the end of September last year. I haven’t been incessantly messaging her - I’ve only reached out thrice since Sept asking fro payment.

The interesting thing is that I still have access to her emails and other private stuff (I was a VA remember). From her calendar, contacts, nudes, CCs, passports, socials and even an entire spreadsheet of literally her passwords. I didn’t want to do her dirty but she’s forced my hand. I won’t sleep hungry yet someone owes me more that $1500 and I know for a fact they’re withholding it.

How do I get this lady to pay me before niingie

Send her one of her pics then threaten is she doesn’t pay you’ll release them

I might just have to do this but I don’t wish to spook her into revoking access to all the stuff I currently have access to. She might change passwords and whatnot. I want to hit and hit her hard kama nimeondokea if it gets there.


The goal is to get paid, not make enemies. Download her explicit stuff and threaten to leak them. If she doesn’t budge, let it go.

Si unadilishe passwad

Email accounts zake ziko na 2FA and I don’t have access to her SMSs. If I did hatungekuwa hapa.

Tuoshe mecho na nude moja kwanza as proof then we can help you

There’s a sharing option, ata akichange password photos utakuwa unapata

I have proof beyond proof man. Ukitaka kushwa mecho na mali kama za @rexxsimba cus that’s what she looks like just say the word and I’ll DM you. In the meantime, what have you in mind?

inashtua sana vile watu hapa wanatumia mbinu chafu kama kutumia usiri wa mtu kulipwa ama kuelekezana zaidi. Tutafute maadili vijana. ntasema tena mambo ni kangaja, huenda yakaja utakapojipata umefanyiwa tendo kama hilo ama mtu umjuaye vizuri.

Basi ambia uyo dem amlipe kama hataki kuanikwa kwenye jukwaa

Tusafishe mesho kwanza

Hii dunia ya saa hii bado watu watakua na threatened na nudes? For all I know the western world believes such kind of things is a new empowerment front for women. Anyway, weigh your choices and do what you believe itakupea doo zako. Hapa nayo ulikua tu kushare ndo you get that stress off your chest.

and if she doesn’t pay?

Cut your losses kizee and learn from that experience…never let overdues stretch too far…usileak nudes zake it might bite you in the tail

I don’t like “Pork” [ …White Women …] … my posts are proof of that …

I only post willing BBBW’s …[ … any sort of Blackmail is for Juvenile Morons …]

And on that happy note …:D:D


Tough lesson this one but well-learnt.

How so? Nitanyimwa visa some day?

do you have a reading disability? I said if he doesn’t get paid, he should drop the matter.

Wewe nikama umetombwa hadi akili

Nikikwambia the millions I have been washed through remote work utashangaa. It’s a risk but worth it in the long run. Sasa character development umepata ni ya asking for initial down payment for “logistics” as I always tell them.

Don’t expose her private details, it may work against you. She may bad mouth you and mess any potential contracts. Accept and move on. Write her one last email of complain and leave her. When you encounter a potential client in her network she might not be able to short circuit you. Get contacts from her email of potential clients and start pitching chini ya maji.

hakuna haja ya matusi mkubwa. nilikuwa nimeshika aachilie hizo nudes