How do i get out of this mess?

How do you fix a tv that is in this recovery mode? Maze ilianza hivi last night na haitoki huku. Na remote pia haiwork at this point any help? Hii week end ni mrefu sana na sioni vile hii nyumba itakalika bila tv[ATTACH=full]435371[/ATTACH]

The spying software has become corrupted probably due to information overload.

So now how do i get it to work?

A bit of digging I see someone else also encountered the same error in the commments: [MEDIA=facebook]SyinixKenya/posts/3042748579278192[/MEDIA]

You could ask him whether he managed to solve it.

Personally I don’t like smart tvs because software support is poor. It’s better to get a dumb tv with hdmi ports and use an external android box or stick.

He did not get a reply so ni kama synix wanajuwa hii story

Tulikuwa tunainstall modded android kwa simu zetu some time back.

You could check izo forums kama kuna mtu aliunda ya TV.

you must have the remote though.

Tv inasema ‘Ikebukuro’,huko ni west of south mugirango ama?

Use the manual volume buttons to scroll up and down alafu if there is an enter button ndio accept. Factory reset itarudi sawa

:D:D:D nimecheka na niko na shida

Sasa hii iko wapi jameni?

Nimetry kucheck lakini haina any buttons except for power button below the ir reciever

Na hata kama iko,how do install it na tv haiwaki it only boots to recovery

Tangu TCL 55 inch inifanyie ile kitu I now own an LG 55 incher that set me back a hundred twenty three grand

What am I saying, avoid Chinese TV brand

Jeez! Sasa are you saying am d!icked?

Haina any physical buttons isipokuwa for power button

Ebu leta hekaya

Remote won’t work in recovery mode. You have to use buttons. It might be having the multi-axis nipple button kama LG or the buttons are on the left or right sides of the panel.

I can’t seem to find any button let me show you[ATTACH=full]435530[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]435531[/ATTACH]