How do I eradicate bats?

They have invaded my bungalow and they are just trying to set up their kingdom inside the ceiling. How do I get rid of them?

Rusha paka ndani ya ceiling. Ama choma pilipili huko juu, ama weka bright light/bulbs huko ndani

Call the Chinese. Hawa wa China wu yi. They are experts in bats and zoonotic viruses.

Lakini hio ni covid-19 na rabies.


[SIZE=5]How did these bats gain access into the ceiling?

Does your roof contain a hole?

Or do you leave your windows open at night?[/SIZE]

You have a huge problem on your hands, can you call an exterminator, quick! That’s one reason why I prefer shingles instead of tiles.

You need to watch this. goosebumps alert

[SIZE=5]Imagine having these bastards in your household. Mbitika ni estate gani hiyo birrionares wana-angamizwa hivyo?[/SIZE]

Pole chief.
Hizo popo huhusishwa sanasana na waganga.Zifukuze manually ili ujue zilipopitia halafu upazibe.

I’m usually a fan of bats but ii nayo imefanya nimehisi thithi. Dont know if its because they look like rats jameni

If there is a single opening they use to enter or exit, wait until midnight when they are out blood sucking and seal the hole.

Print this, weka kwa ceiling juu. Works magic

Hujamuita vizuri

Open during daytime

Interior ya Laikipia

I think he’s in kenya… Hapa exterminators ni hadithi na shingles ni hekaya. Work in US but talk like a Kenyan

Aluminium foil strips

How do I use them?

Eaves ceiling. Are your eaves sealed? I have had this problem before…well, my wife has issues with bats, I dont…but…so I guess it was my problem too that way. I ceilinged the eaves. Problem solved.

You would rather join your wife and start having issues with bats. Bats are responsible for some of the most fear-inducing zoonotic viruses — those that spread from animals to humans — in recent memory. Ebola, SARS, Marburg, Nipah

[SIZE=5]Hamia Nairobi, Runda. You are a mbirrionaire au sio?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Interior ya Laikipia wachia Maasai wapigane na hizo bats.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ama you are comfortable over there? Kuna wanawake warembo huko?[/SIZE]

Seal any holes that can allow them into the ceiling esp. at roof corners, and where the walls meet the roof. Climb inside the ceiling in daytime and check wherever light is coming in through. Seal those places. If it’s a place where cement won’t hold–like between boards or wood–stuff a rolled piece of fine wire mesh to stop anything getting in.