How do I buy skrill dollars via mpesa?

I think by now everyone knows eastpesa are scammers. There has to be a legit way to get money into skrill without going through a traditional bank account

As long as you have a skrill account, it’s easy as 123 to deposit using debit card. Am not sure they allow deposit by Mpesa, but for withdraws, it’s easy with both debit card and Mpesa.

The idea is to avoid debit and credit cards. And crypto

Download AirTm Google play store/ iOS. Hapo unaweza tumia mpesa to Skrill / Neteller. Screenshot_20230404-184344~2.png

Thanks. Let me check them out

Let’s feedback kaka

Doesn’t Safaricom offer a virtual debit card through their M-Pesa mobile app?

Skrill and most e-wallets generally tend to shun virtual debit/credit cards

Have you tried?

Leta feedback.

I asked Skrill, Neteller, Astropay, etc, and they said they do not transact with virtual wallets. They may look the other way if you’re trying to deposit money, but once you try to withdraw, they’ll give you a hard time.

There was a time, not too long ago when virtual debit/credit card providers (flutterwave, payppl, eversend, etc) were everywhere. Forex brokers would even have their own individual virtual cards that traders could use for trading, like instaforex and hotforex. But now you no longer hear about them. There has to be a good reason for that. But from the research i’ve done online, I can tell that most of these providers were blacklisted for being tools used for financial fraud and money laundering

I’m having a hard time signing up. For some reason, they sent me a confirmation email in spanish. This is too difficult, so I’ll just look for an alternative