How do I become less judgemental and more accepting.

Every time I log in here @admin and all talkers in general, I encounter so many narrow minded, opinionated and judgemental talkers who rarely accept other peoples views other than their own.
This got me thinking, how do we as talkers become more accepting of other peoples viewpoints? Kindly read some of these solutions.
• Open minded thinking: Two ideas can be true at the same time. You don’t have to be wrong in order for the other person to be right and he or she doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right. You both can be right at the same time.
[li]Use BOTH-AND thinking instead of EITHER-OR thinking. You are right AND the other person is right, rather than You are right OR the other person is right. [/li][li] [/li][li]There is always more than one TRUE way of seeing a situation. More than one TRUE opinion, idea or perspective. Avoid emotional impulsive reaction. Take time and say “I can see your point of view even though I do not agree with it.”[/li][li]People are different. Different people have different opinions. They feel differently. Understand this and acknowledge this.[/li][li]Finally;[/li]It’s all about understanding someone else’s perspective. Ask yourself why they hold that view. What experiences or knowledge do they have to make them think that way? If you don’t know, ask questions.

It won’t necessarily change your view, but you’ll understand that person a bit more which means you will probably empathize more with them and be more accepting.

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Hii yote umeandika xan be summarized to:- understanding the other person’s point of view

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My post is neither UOTP or RWNBP just telling talkers to be open minded to other peoples opinion even when they don’t agree.

Being judgmental and being open minded, are mutually exclusive. In my opinion you need to have both traits. So that you can exercise caution and protect your values while also testing the limits of your boundaries or someone else’s

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[li]You are wrong[/li][li]Only perspective worth seeing is the female’s [SIZE=1](@Female Perspective see what i did there, nipatie round tano priss)[/SIZE][/li][li][SIZE=5]The only different person is @admin and his fake bitcoins[/SIZE][/li][/ul]

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You title your thread “How do I become less judgemental and more accepting” and then you go ahead and tell us what WE need to do? When did the I change into US?

metaperceptions, how the society views ME and my opinion says so much of a society as whole so the I stands for US.

Kuja nikukamue mcoondu on your way to becoming less judgmental and more accepting.

I’m trying to encourage people to be open minded and to question everything even themselves.

That is a good cause.


most useful thread on Ktalk for days.