How do I accept that this is my life

Next month i will be 37, working kwa muhindi for the last five years , have a face only a mother could love. Balding since i was twenty, underweight , no family and no real friends, i can’t even be successful bottom faggot because i am ugly.i want to be more feminine, and stay cute but i do not have a good income to buy those wigs and make ups.
My fetish is to look like @azziad but i think with this kind of legs(pic attached) i don’t think i will pass.
I think the only option now is to seduce my team leader at work @Demakuvu so that he give me money to cover for these make ups and dresses. I don’t know if he is gay but he always asked me to sing and dance for him, and every Monday he would order me to audition for Kenya got talent in his office

I think my legs resembles those of azziad, what do you think guys












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