How did you came to know of Kenyatalk

Ktalk should treat you well. Very loyal member. Noticed from your long text several time

No don’t need anything from admins. I am on a forum to post something if I feel it. And I don’t multi forum as it is almost always the same folk across board.

How some folk can be on 10 forums siwezi nyita.

Naenda Senate officially, yaani ulinipita?he he he

Nilipata a link from a whatsapp group

I forgot what I googled and it brought me here. Never left to this day.

Shida yako ni hizi conglomerate handles zako saa ungekuwa VC. Pia Mimi saa hii ningekuwa CV.

Mashada forums back in 2011

I googled ‘Kenyan women hitting the wall’ out of curiosity ya Redpill nikaona Kentalk hapo juu. Back in 2015 Kenya talk was on fire i se.

Tbh I feel like I should be one of the most respected and honoured talkers… but of late @administrator has been stopping me from dealing with talkers who openly disrespect me. Nowadays even NV can call my name in vain… This just adds salt to injury. If ktalk can’t accord me the respect I deserve then fine! But at least allow me to fight for it. Hii kitu huniuma sana.

So far I’ve met about 16 guys from here. Half of which nimewafanyia jobs za printing. From fliers,posters,brochures banners, T-Shirts,water labels, receipt books,funeral program and large photographs

I was looking for link ya Frisk. KTalk always pops up kwa results


I stumbled into it nikisaka information flani. Funny enough I found some guy had asked about the same thing a while back, that’s before me and that’s how I got hooked.

Kwani how was Klist and how did it die? I told someone of ktalk and they could only remember Klist. For the record, I was in class 7 in 2008 bana.


Was searching for Kenyan groups after seeing lots of traffic on Facebook Group Kenya. Saw ktalk link on FB that led me here. Hekayas and Momo diaries made me to be a regular guest until I signed up in 2017

One of the mods of Ktalk aliponyoka na funguo ya server which led to the death of ktalk.

I used to be a member in the original nipate, then it died and got stranded in nipate top, and since I was already hooked to forums, i just happened to google kenyan forums, all the others were ish ish and I stuck to

When was that? step carefully.

Nipate died around 2015, logged on here 2016 thereabouts.