How did you came to know of Kenyatalk

Let’s admit it, Kenyatalk is not Facebook, Instagram or other popular social sites you may hear people talking of.

Very few people know of this online village. Probably you’re the only one who knows it in your social circle and even estate. So how did you came to know of it

As for me I first stumbled in Kenyatalk when I was looking for salaries that nurses are earning in Kenya (though am not a nurse nor am I taking that course)

Google kenyan forums or something trending with mentions on ktalk

Nilikua googling if Kenyan list imerudi,stambled on its Facebook page,nikauliza what happened. Nikapewa link ya huku. I saw familiar names like meria Mata and @uwesmake nikajua klist hairudi na IDPs walihamia huku

Kina @Ren Riddick were in class 3 then

Nilijua from reddit they did an analysis that castigated this site as kenya’s 4chan, lets say i pop in once in a while…

Nilikuwa klost, then early 2015, ikapotea. Tried to find it stambled on this. But hakutakuwa na forum itawahi fikia klost

Sex tape kama kawaida ilinileta hapa nikapata the place is a haven for info

Nilikuwa natafuta kenyan reviews for the benelli 300

Enzi za Kush yule Mnono na hekaya zake swaffi.

a chic shared a link on her mukuru timeline ,i clicked and it was one of merias hekaya.

Tulitoka Klist.

Thru my girlfriends who would never contemplate joining KT. They are readers although not really anymore after the brothel manenos over took the news and hekaya sections. The hekayas were just out of this world. Don’t know how I never lost my job when kina Kush, TLS and many others used to post hekayas. Haki there is one from Timo that kills me upto this day. It is the double decker one where him and his friend chomped one girl in turns…boy oh boy…

Been in Klist since 2008. Then on the Sunday when Fidel Odinga died, Klist error message was “too many connections”. Klist died on that day too. Stayed in the wilderness then one day while browsing KenyanPost I saw an anonymous person commented DFHKM. I knew that must be former lister so I asked where people disappeared to nikaoneshwa njia ya hapa.

It’s ‘how did you come…’

I was the eighth person to sign in here na huwa hamunitambui shaitan nyinyi,ile kitu huniuma sana ni kushare the same rank na @Jimit

We aren’t sharing the same rank. Am above you and you are below me, rightfully where you should be

Turns out you were that girl so you just reminiscing

I was searching for momo Diaries and links came here

Huyo admean ni ibilisi achana naye

Kutoka reddit