How did my Telegram account get hacked?

A few days ago i opened my telegram and realized that someone else has access to my account, my name had been changed to a russian one with sexy woman profile picture and about 50 russians had been messaged some shit i don’t understand which caused them to report the hacked account and it got banned temporarily.

I went to devices and saw three are connected to this account. 1st is my phone the second is my PC and the third is some motherfucker from Moscow. I terminated the sessions and set up two step verification which i probably should’ve done long ago.

How the fuck did this happen and how do i prevent it from happening again. My Twitter and Instagram on third party app got hacked as well around the same time which is very concerning, and started posting some crypto shiet.

I think my phone and possibly PC is compromised somehow. Will factory reset help?


This is a short experiment.

Most likely its your pc unless you have an unofficial tg app on your phone

Killnet tuko works.

I love flashing custom roms kwa simu and i had a google authenticator app so mimi na ujinga nikaflash bila kuback suffice to say i was locked out of my apps and it has been alot of work kuzi recover but reddit imekataa na hivo ndo nomepoteza account ya over 8yrs with alot of karma

Now inject Spy Apps or Malware into those Custom ROMS, so that they boot “pre-loaded” with the additional bloated apps. The same way we used to do with windows back then. Some ROM’s in the wild come with Google security check disabled, also a ninja had something similar on GitHub, but I’m unable to find that specific page…then install the ROM Kwa simu. Weka iyo simu OLX and sell it to unsuspecting folks and do whatever you want with the info you gather.