How Did Docile Bantus Conquer Over Half Of Africa?

From as far as West Africa all the way to South Africa Bantus rule.

Seems like ancient Bantus were very brave people

Still bonobo

:meffi::meffi: , Kwani wewe ni warya? Unaleta ethnic supremacy umeffi hapa

The bantu zulu defeated the British in the Battle of Isandlwana in 1879 and killed 1300 british and their homeguards. The only natives to have defeated the British army in a battle.

Bantus are cold blooded, not quick to anger and value interests above passion

Wakisii wako na hasira saidi

Mimi Ni Bantus kamili, but modern day Bantus are harmelss

Ongeza Wameru hapo and Mungiki when the anger is right. Hata Wakamba and Baruhya appear docile but they can be lethal if pushed to the wall

Modern Bantu appear harmless since most of them settled in fertle conducive environment and their way of life doesn’t require them to be generally aggressive. As opposed to Nilotes and Cushites who still practice pastoralism and live in arid and semi-arid areas

Zulu mfecane spread 2million square miles and killed 2million people.
The bantu Hehe of Tanzania gave Germans hell for over decade until they captured their chief Mkwasa and sawed off his head and shipped to Berlin which they have refused to return

They only had mosquitoes and wild animals blocking their way.

Most of the current Kikuyuland was formerly inhabited by the Maasai

Hahaha ulisikia wapi? Its actually the other way around. Most of the Maasai land was gifts looted by British colonialists. Maasai were used as assassins against Kambas, Kalenjins and Kikuyus. They were rewarded with land confiscated from these tribes.

So you are insinuating that Kikuyus/Kambas/Kalenjin owned Narok and Kajiado before the white man came?


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