How Did An Amateur Pub League Team Make It To The Champions League


Someone explain to me why manure was not red carded and tuanzebe was the last man???

Rules changed jama. You only get res if it is a clear goal scoring opportunity that’s denies. In Tuanzebea case, the striker overran the ball.

Someone explain how a champions’ league team can defend as horribly as that picture shows. All ten outfield players have been sucked in to where the ball is. Every single one of them caught out ball watching. Absolutely no one worried about positioning? .

Disadvantage ya high defensive line ukiloose possession unachapwa counter

Hii si disadvantage ya high line hata, hii ni just poor positioning. You can’t all be within an area 1/6th of the pitch. Leaving an opposition onside on his own side of the pitch with several meters of free distance. Halafu you expect an old man Matic to chase him down?