How depression is killing married women

Nijikute nakufa na depression bcz of a chimpanzee. You can now understand clearly why married women are too promiscuous kumbe they are fighting depression before it kills them.

Marry for love not for provision and other things pesa sio Kila kitu as most of you believe.

The only thing that I think about when I hear about love is this…

Love remains a mystery.
But it’s divided in three.
Agape is unconditional love, God’s love to us.
Phileo is brotherly love. Siblings.
Eros now is a man and a woman.
Now Eros and phileo are nothing in the absence of agape Love.

My experience is Ukiomba married woman mkia anakuita degenerate. Wàcha nilipe fixed price



Na love ya mtu towards kenya kwanza inaitwaje coz weh.


Transactional love.

Inaitwanga CORRUPTION…