How Democrats and Republicans switched places

Politics used to look differently in U.S.A 200 years ago. Abraham Lincoln was a republican and the first african american politicians were republicans. The south and the white supramacists living there were all democrats, and the Confederate states were all democrats and hated that “Black Republicans”, as they called them, were beginning to gain numbers in U.S politics to fight for their rights. The only coup in American history was done by the southern democrats (their descedents are today republicans) called Wilmington insurrection of 1898 in North Carolina because a multi racial government which included black republicans had been elected to the government. But things took a turn of the event in the 40s+ as the southern democrats and northern democrats started infighting. The northern democrats were more liberals and wanted to stop segregation while the southern democrats wanted to maintain it.

After President Harry S. Truman, a member of the Democratic Party, ordered integration of the military in 1948 and other actions to address civil rights of African Americans, many Southern conservative white politicians who objected to this course organized themselves as a breakaway faction and created their own party from the democrats which was called The Dixiecrats and were determined to protect Southern states’ rights to maintain racial segregation, Jim Crow laws and white supremacy. Despite the Dixiecrat’s success in several states, Truman was narrowly re-elected against Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond. After the 1948 election, all the Dixiecrat leaders including Strom Thurmond returned to the Democratic Party and the Dixiecrat party stopped to exist.

During the 60s as black Americans were fighting for civil rights, John F Kennedy, a northern democrat wanted to sign the Civil Right Act but was assassinated which led to a southern democrat from Texas Lyndon B. Johnson to be elected president. The southern democrats were happy from this fact because they thought that a southern democrat would maintain segregation, but what happened is that Lyndon B. Johnson enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 which made the southern democrats furious. They felt betrayed again and because of this many of southern democrat politicians swiched party to republicans such as the segregrationist Strom Thurmond. As the the democrats became more liberal due to the northern democrat politicians, the republicans sought to use the advantage to take the votes from the south. This was finalised by Ronald Reagan who engaged in one of the biggest republican campaign in the south and swished it to red like we see today.

For African americans there was no loyalty to any party. As said the first african americans used to be republicans because that was the party fighting for their rights then 200 years ago while the south which was democrats then tried to stop those rights. Even those like Martin Luther King were republicans, but republican party in the 60s is different from the one today, and many african americans swished to democrats as they became the more liberal and started to fight for their rights while republicans for them became the old democratic party. It was the democrats (southern democrats) who fought against the enactment of Civil Right Act in 1964 and not the Republicans, but as the southern democrats swished to the Republican party so did the settings change and it was instead now republicans fighting against similar acts.

Election from result from 1976 and 1980, see all southern states were blue in 1976 while you have big democratic states today such as california which were red. After Reagan in 1980s the southern states remained red.


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Dr Herod had summarized it earlier

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Expect a power shift in a couple years when there’s a brand new party just for Blacks that will emerge.

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