How covid vaccine works .....the vaccine is basically Gene Therapy....

DNA knowledge has reached a point where humans can play around with DNA … anything is possible !


@patco DNA is real meaning mtu akipa aseme Akipima certain genes aseme results…kubali yaishe

Hii kesi tumemaliza.

[SIZE=5]Humans share 84% of their DNA with a dog. Mbwa!!![/SIZE]
Humans share only 2% of their DNA with Neanderthal man.

Humans share 90% DNA with cats and only 2% with neanderthal !!!

You are far closer related to a cat than a neanderthal.

You are far closer related to even a shark than a neanderthal. By far!

Humans share 80% of DNA with a cow and only 2% with a neanderthal!![/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE=5]And very few humans actually have that 2% neanderthal DNA.[/SIZE]

Vile unapima mimba DNA ndio wanapima kupata genes za neanderthals…

Neanderthals are ancient man who formed around 500,000 years ago in Europe…a form of homo erectus

…homo sapiens (Africans) waliingia europe 40,000 years ago …they mated for 10,000 years then the neanderthal went extinct

…after mating with neanderthals…the offsprings had 50% neanderthal DNA and 50% homo sapiens DNA…the more these offspring mated with 100% homo sapiens ndio the neanderthal percentage is eliminated…saa hii imefika 4% neanderthal genes …Africans do not have neanderthal dna

Israel data showing the decay of vaccine efficacy over time. Y-axis is cases per 1000 from July 7 to Aug 10, for unvaccinated, and for people vaccinated at different times

Cases are higher in those vaxed earlier

Despite world-data caveats, this seems quite compelling

An ordinary rock has more human type DNA than a neanderthal. Fact!

So scientists are lieing ? …they have understood genetics to a point they are altering DNA in 2021 using covid vaccines but the same scientists wakisema DNA mutations happened or it’s origins …you don’t wona believe them…

Between vaccines and brainwashed @patco…Ata wewe utaamini nani ?

Humans only share 1% of denisovan DNA!

Such a percentage proves that evolution theory is nonsense. We simply can’t be related to these hominids.

A crocodile which hasn’t changed much through the millenia shares 93% of it’s DNA with humans. Or maybe these hominid skulls they have found are fake!

Human and Neanderthal genomes are 99.7% identical. Wewe hujui unavyosema

…nikama we will be given booster shots till death then

Si DNA ya crocodile pia inge mutate down to 1% vs human DNA.

Why is the crocodile at 93% while the Denisovan is at 1% ?

Ona muguruki mwingine. :eek::eek::eek:

Hebu wekelea proof ya usemacho.

Natural selection and intermingling over the years… The neanderthal DNA decreases after every generation…ilikuwa 50% at first…half of the genes from the neanderthal mother…and half from homo sapien father…
It has been reducing ever since…[SIZE=6].wake up africans[/SIZE]


You are illiterate in these things, you have no idea of what you are talking about.

Yaani leo umeamua kutufanyisha research just to confirm whether your assertions are true or false…sawa sawa… wacha nianze kuchambua…i come up with a 2 page essay…

Agreed. and surprisngly " Even bananas still share about 60 per cent of the same DNA as humans"

@patco… you realize it’s white wazungu saying these things… Si negroe called @LuandaMagere

The fact that DNA is real …reveals alot …for example…

Non-Africans didn’t exist 18,000 years ago… africans were the first to roam the earth and the first humans…

So how come we now believe that , god created white people first …and black people were created later from a curse… after seeing a mzee naked

Seems like Someone geniously replaced someone as the first humans… why ?

Once you can answer that question …you will understand

[SIZE=7]Wake Up Africans[/SIZE]


Nimeona kule umetoa hio story. You are not talking of DNA itself you are talking about something called NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE.

You are breaking the DNA down to its bases.

Nucleotide sequence sio DNA yenyewe, it is what makes a DNA.

A DNA is composed of bases or acids. 4 in number. What they are saying is that those 4 numbers in neanderthal are similar to the 4 found in humans to a degree of 99.7%.

But for the DNA itself only 2% of neanderthal DNA ended up in humans. Sijui kama unaelewa?

In lay man terms what they are saying is that a neanderthal had flesh molecules similar to human. Ako na manyama na mifupa yeye si mbao. He was made of meat that can compare to 99.7% of the meat molecules in humans.

But genetically he is only 2% similar to humans. His genetic arrangement.

That is the best way I can explain. Hata crocodile ni nyama na mifupa but nyama zetu in terms of DNA ni 93% but zote ni nyama.

You are trying to describe how copies of DNA mutate. They change they evolve.

But why is the chimpanzee or cat closer to man in DNA sequence vs to neanderthal?

Lets assume that even cats were evolving or mutating, then why is their DNA more similar to that of man than that of a neanderthal to a man?