How corruption impoverishes the masses

Most people don’t understand how corruption makes people poor.
I will give a few examples to illustrate the point.
Global fuel prices are currently at 55 USD per per barrel or 5500 kshs per 158 liters. Rbob gasoline the one we currently import is 2.5usd per gallon or kshs 250 per 3.8 liters. This works out at about 65kshs per liter. However, the cost in Kenya is 100kshs per liter. High taxes ranging from 60-100% are added to the cost.
Average electricity costs in the world are 4kshs per khw, in Kenya the final consumer pays between 18ksh-25ksh for electricity.
One would ask why are fuel prices so high?
The reason is simple, there is high level of public mismanagement of funds. The government has to charge very high custom taxes and VAT to pay up a huge workforce and public debts which are inflated to the tune of north of 400%. The dams which are costing 20-40b should only cost 3-4b maximum. The inflated cost because of kickbacks pushes this cost to Cater for kickbacks and the final works end up being shoddy.
Meanwhile out of total taxes of 18b USD 11 b will pay debts which are from inflated and non delivered projects.
So the Guy running a factory closes shop as the Chinese who buys fuel at 60 Bob per liter and electricity cost at 4ksh per khw is very efficient in Costs, more imports Flood the country as manufacturing jobs disappear.
So the high levels of unemployment is Directly linked to the inflated tenders and costs.

They haven’t told why LTWP has not reduced electricity prices. They lied to us that we would see lower prices instantaneously but 6 months later nothing has moved.
Uhuru is a liar and his government is full of thieves.

Things are gonna get tough in the next few months for manufacterers as the drought looms

LWTP is a white elephant by Western donors. It is the old technique of trying to keep the third world poor. This is achieved through starting massive infrastructure projects with no substantial ROI.

Jubilee government gave them over 140,000 acres of land.

The High Court in Meru, Kenya, last week rejected a request to stop the development of the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) project but restricted construction activities to 87,500 acres of the total 150,000 acres plot on which it is sited.

Residents of the Laisamis constituency in the Marsabit County, where the project is located, claim the project had acquired 150,000 acres of their ancestral land without following due procedures.

Justice Peter Njoroge of the Environment and Land Court last Wednesday rejected their request to stop the development of the wind farm.

So basically they got over 140,000 acres of free land but they also got billions of taxpayers money to supply expensive electricity. :meffi::meffi:

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Congratulations. Finally something that doesn’t involve alpha, beta or omega males :smiley: :smiley:

@Tyler Boy and @Karoga should follow suit.

Mungich tulia, we are captains of industry:D

Hapo pia kuna kickbacks za Northlands. Things are gon get tough for this economy by 2024, i am making plans to be S.E Asia or Australia by then

There’s no good news in Kenya.

Wait til Budget Day comes ndio uone moto proper. Debts must be repaid!

These government failed in it’s first term …

funny thing is, those guys declined to be held accountable but yet they still run the govt.

Gathecha over borrowed na ma eurobond zake ,he better pray that tullow wapate mafuta Kama 20000 barrels of oil per day na bei ya per barrel remains at 50 $ ,Kama sio hivyo …

No one, not even the Western donors can keep a nation poor if it has wise leaders, capable of sound judgement, while keeping the company of a sound counsel.

Ours is not really a poor country, its wealth is frittered away, stolen via corrupt schemes or set aside to pay debts of which nothing was really achieved; this is the outcome, where there is present entrenched corrupt gatekeepers within civil service and a morally bankrupt political leadership across the ranks.

During the electioneering period we had several options in the ballot but people were screaming Uhuruto yet the buggers had proven well known looters in their first term. Wacha deni zikalipwe, ‘am for finishing the journey with Gatheca’