How cops arrest an armed fellow cop. A very sobering video!!

Kumbe there are countries where apparently no one is above the law. This cop gave his kunguru kichapo and paid for it with his job and freedom. Imagine they handcuff him and then cut off his shirt using scissors in order to remove the bullet proof vest. Hakuna kubembeleza

Sijaelewa point ya kukata shati, hawangefungua buttons?

It’s a very serious offence to beat a white woman over there. You can kill as many niggers as you want and get off with a slap on the wrist, but once you beat a white woman it’s over.

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why, because he hit a woman?

No because he is a police officer

Its tradition since days za wild west.

Is not a seriuos offence to beat a black one?

if cameras hazingekuwa ?

He was already in hand cuffs and that was the safest way to remove his bullet prrof vest under the shirt. It appears that once you are restrained, you remain so.

Still you can unbutton the shirt, uiteremshe kwa mikono the remove the vest…Ingekua wamekata bullet proof vest that would makes sense

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