How Comes Jews Rule This World? How Did It Come To Be?

These people must have had contact with some beings from space.

The bible vaguely mentions The Tower of Babel, this was a space port just like the one in Florida.

They own capital. When you have money you reign supreme like a king.

How did they come to own capital? Why didn’t the Nubians or Red Indians own it, aren’t they humans too?

They are and have been in possession of secret knowledge passed down through generations since BC, which the rest of us don’t have. Thats what it means to be chosen.


when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. Those sons of God taught their wives secret arts. They taught them astrology, how to work with precious stones, how to cast spells,

What Jews?They are Persians

It all started with predatory lending practices to Christian communities in Europe in the middle ages. For these deeply religious Catholic Kindoms, it was sinful to lend money with interest whereas Judaism does not have a problem with that. This obviously gave them an edge in the world of finance since they could not only lend to ordinary people, but also to governments.

Secondly, Judaism is highly chauvinistic towards gentiles such that some of the commandments give you the right to lie and cheat when you are dealing with the gentiles. In fact, some of the passages in the Torah expressly tell the Jews to go and sin in the land of the gentiles. But before you come back among the Jews, you were required to cleanse yourself.

This ultimately contributes to the notion and truism that Jews are dishonest, crafty, and duplicitous people - a quality needed to succeed in global finance and banking. This is precisely why Jewish communities were expelled and persecuted by the Spanish and French Kings over several centuries, because of their disruptive and disingenuous nature. If you read some of the deportation orders, you will see a common theme emerging over and over again, the King’s subjects wanted their rulers to do something about the cunning Jews among them.

For instance, it was the Jews who destroyed the old mercantile system of doing business in Northern and Western Europe which some considered to be very fair (in as much it made profits). This system which worked through a gentleman’s agreement forbade aggressive competition. This means that, if I decide to sell mutton, I cannot at the same time venture into the business of selling wool. I have to allow the wool merchant do his thing and I the village butcher sell my mutton. Basically not stepping into other people’s specializations.

But wait until the Jews started settling and migrating into these communities, these greedy fuckers went ahead and became a one stop shop for every trading activity.

Also, before you accuse me of antisemitism, there is ample evidence to back my claims.

Heheee, Oh please my brother. Not again with this nonsense of believing that they are the chosen people. Jews and Judaism has an aversion towards gentiles. Please read the Torah and see how these fuckers hate people like us. They have succeeded in finance through dishonesty and craftiness which their holy book allows when they are dealing with gentiles.

I get annoyed by Christians who love Jews, not knowing how the Jewish intelligentsia has systematically destroyed and weakened Christianity in Europe. Not that I am a Christian, but mehn African Christians are some of the dumbest fucks I know.

I recently saw some Nigerian pastor on TV the other day telling his followers to fast and pray for Israel now that Trump is no longer in office. I wanted to smack the TV as I was filled with raw rage, when I saw these idiots wailing and praying for Israel whereas Nigeria is one of the worst shit holes God continues to ignore. They could not even say a prayer for the own country men who are being slaughtered by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria.

However, the worst part about African Christians brown nosing Jews and Israel is that, no Jew in Israel or in the diaspora can waste his precious time in the Synagogue praying for your ignorant black ass, leave alone fasting for you shit hole country.

**End of rant

Do the gentiles have a holy book which discourages dishonesty in business?

Their enlightenment must have occurred when fallen angels mated with their women back in the days of Enoch. Those same aliens took Enoch with them in a fiery chariot. ,(Space shuttle)

If you want to get ahead in this life, dress British & think Yiddish.[SIZE=1] Disregard my avatar hehe[/SIZE]

Hitler`s work needs to be finished.

Yes The Torah. It has so many laws that not only governs dieting practices but also how to deal with gentiles in many judicial aspects like how a Jew should receive a lighter sentence when they murder or rape a gentile. It expressly tells them to be unfair to gentiles.

This is why Louis Farrakhan rightly said that Jewish holy books are the most evil and distasteful texts ever written by man.

yes,they had contact.according to a book called bible,those people talked,dined with angels and even God.Even a jewish girl called mary got pregnant and gave birth to a son of God called Jesus.

Jews know how to play both sides.

Communism as we know it today is a Jewish creation but at the same time, Jews are the greatest Capitalists of all time.

A Jew will secrectly finance a war and profit from it through arms or stock market. It has been like that since the era of Napoleon.

The best thing about Jews is that they always get on the nerves of the Europeans and make the latter realize that there will always be someone better than you. That is the best comeuppance against Eurocentric racial hierarchy.

This by far is the best response I use when an arrogant white person tries to denigrate other races. I always show them irrefutable evidence of how Jewish intelligentsia has made a mockery of their European traditions, political systems, and religions. The worst thing is that the loud Jewish minority in their countries cannot even allow them to speak out against these things publicly. So much cowardice for the so called master race.

It is actually simpler than you think. Back in the old days, like it is with Islam today, it was outlawed to act as a moneylender if you were a catholic, which was basically all religion at the time. However, Jewish were exempt since they were considered people of the book but not Christians. So they were the only ones lending money legally while everyone else was paying 10% and buying salvation pamphlets from the church.

That went on for hundreds of years and since Jews were barred from owning land, they focused all their attention on banking. Naturally, Jewish culture of not being allowed to own land meant that hey had to carefully store all their wealth in the banking system. They developed various tools and services needed for the modern banking system. If they had been farmers perhaps their talents would have gone to developing modern varieties of various food crops.

it just turned out that they were pushed to only access the banking and financial services industry and they got really good at it over he centuries.

We have our own Jews from [SIZE=1]Mt.[/SIZE] Kenya.

The self-proclaimed ‘master race’ can never understand how a population of <15 million Jews own:

-Hollywood and almost all its movie production companies.


-Top banking and financial institutions companies such as Goldman Sach, Bloomberg, etc

-Energy companies such as American Oil company, Duracell Inc.,

And a long long list.

The most obvious reason is because God chose to manifest His will on earth through the Jews. Jesus’ human lineage is Jewish.

These people were promised wealth so of course they were bound to be extremely successful.

Deuteronomy 28:12 The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.