How can President Ruto Bring Down Price of Unga?

In your opinion, whats the best way to reduce the cost of Unga in Kenya at the moment?

I am not saying it is impossible lakini mvua ikikosa kushuka we are fucked …Labda we import surplus ya Uganda Na Tz without apologies

Why do people eat that tastless thing?

@binadamu bure kabisa @Administrator.

man should not live by bread unga alone

Mkule chapati

There are already measures by Uganda and Tanzania to protect its maize produce…
Of course unless we talk.

Pandeni miti vle Moi aliwaambia… But Riggy G alisema mkate iyo miti mlime so ur fked either way…

We should learn to live in the current world economic state and climate(climate change)…land for production of food has for the last century reduced to half with the fertility drop. What do we expect…what? cheaper food!!?!!? We accept for the last 30yrs we haven’t been able to advance our way of producing food and accept the result. Unga ya below 100bob maybe he tries witchcraft…sioni!

  1. Low cost fertilizer
  2. Improve losses in harvesting and grain storage , alot is thrown out due to poor storage
    3.Mambo ya cartels ,though hapa sijui where the truth lays , hio mambo ya Grain bulk handlers features heavily
  3. Guaranteed minimum prices and compensation in case of losses
  4. Agricultural officers who know their shit going round advising farmers on types of seeds depending on soil and climate kama zamani

Hii mambo ni complex

bei ya vyakula vyote yafaa ishuke sio unga pekee

@Kaffir hapo umenena, although hii mambo ya cartel hata mimi sielewi. :stuck_out_tongue:
My thoughts however is to add on to insights za @Kaffir ni, i think water is the critical element hapa:

  1. Subsidize water tanks za plastics (if possible give them out for free) to areas with already good rainfall
  2. Give longterm grants/loans to landlords to build water harvesting mechanism from their homes
  3. Connect these water tanks to the county water supply system. (ensure they are as tall as possible for easier pumping)
  4. add a meter for reverse water supply from these homes
  5. County to supply this water particularly to farmers at a low price
  6. The more rainwater, water harvesters supply the more they offset their tank loans
  7. Excess water to be channeled to arid areas where herders and livestock farmers hang out kama wajir

Ni hayo tu kwa maoni yangu

Promote others sources of Ugali like:
Arrow roots

Ugali doesn’t mean that the Unga has to come from maize only.
Greeks say: Ngima yuumaga mutuini (ugali is made of Unga)

Forcefully lease dormant agricultural land ( a fertile land not in use for more than 5 years consecutively). This will force the absentee owner to either use or lease it thus boosting food/ feed production.

I don’t like Rigathi at all but he did not say you cut trees to grow food. He said you plant food and trees together in areas of the plantation forest that have already been harvested as a way of reforesting.
By the way the so-called plantation forest is only a belt (total of 4 per cent of all forests only!) that surrounds the natural forests that are important for water conservation. If we eliminated the plantation forest then we would resort to destroying the natural/indigenous forests that we are seeking to conserve since our demand for rafters, wood fuel, poles, timber etc is not going to disappear because we have become conservationists.

Waanze campaigns for alternative of unga

Coz its heavy like cement kwa tumbo

Sawa Marie-Antoinette