How can poor people make loans work for them?

Wadau, given most Kenyans are poor l, how can we mhe debt aka loans work for us?

We are often told tusichukue loans ovyo ovyo. I see many people get loans for consumption purposes…few for business or growth opportunities.

Kama una experience pia, lete itusaidie

Peleka hii umeffi mukuru

Loan ulichukua Kenya women ya 30k ulideenyer Malaya Mia mbili , that’s 30k/150kshs.
Coomernyoko Kama wewe dizo op anajaribu kueleza zinunue kashamba but huwa hampagwigwi

Use loans to expand your business, full stop

Stop thinking of loans before you can earn decent money. Did you really expect to get here some magic pill which will allow you to sit at home and doing nothing?
Loans are for those who know what to do with their money, but definetely not for the lazybones, Some credit card can just postpone your paying the bills, but it will not eliminate the necessity for work. If I were in your shoes, I would think of starting a business and a loan is a good decision for the investment. You’ll work for yourself and earn good money, if you are dilligent enough of course.