How can I solve this issue???

The water level in the tank has been decreasing for the last few days and we were looking for the reason behind it. My husband argued that it was my fault. He thought that I carelessly left the tap open. That wasn’t my fault and he is not trying to understand me. I looked for the reasons but was not able to find it. Yesterday, when I was using the bathroom, I noticed some water pooling on the floor. I was just wondered and checked for the origin of the water. First, I couldn’t see anything and when I cross checked I noticed a leak in the flush tank. The water was coming from the knob of the flush tank. I guess it would be the reason for the decrease in water level? Is it possible to fix the issue without getting the help from any of the residential plumbing service providers? Please do share your views and also some tips for the same

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Kwani hutaki plumber anukishe kitunguu?

just call your nearest “[U]residential plumbing service providers[/U]”. he will come with his big big tools and fix your problem once and for all

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Kama ina leak valve yako iko na chida … lets start hapo

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Maybe you mean the cistern not flush tank. Anyway the difference is the same. Ebu upload apa nijue ni which part exactly na ntakuelekeza… and since we are talking about the bathrm, pia kapicha ka parachute siwes mind.

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