How Can I Sleep With Sonko?” Esther Passaris

”I even wonder, how do you sleep with a man like him? By the time you are done with removing his rings, necklaces, belts, rastas, caps, the mood would have disappeared. We should all stop playing, women are serious people,’

Hii inaitwa hekaya. She is narrating her ordeal. She is basically telling us what happens when they go.

Sonko is the ALPHA MALE in 047, kama ile maraya ya Dyamod inamdai ,sebuse shosho Passaris.

Going by the recordings Sonko released this woman angetolea sonko panty anytime any day…hii ni uchungu ya io expose

Most probably Sonko has chewed her, ndio alinyamaza before aanikwe kabisa

Sonko ain’t a chewer, he is a teaser. So Passaris hana cha kudai

I thought she called herself a slay queen and we all know slay queens only discriminate guys based on how fat their wallets are and not their looks.