How can a Kenyan in USA prepare for a Trump presidency?

There is a chance that Trump will become president. I know many Africans support Hillary, however the whites is fed up and will mostly support Hillary in the open and recoil to Trump when not in public.

Even if the donald wins, there is only much he can do. He is rich but he cannot fight his fellow rich by introducing policies that will hurt their business.

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Sioni akishinda.

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Kuna mashamba hapa Eldy,tuma hizo madollar nikutafutie 1 acre,mbuzi mbili,nduthi moja,mabati kumi na nane,mbao na mishumari.Uko set in a week.

Polls: Clinton at 53%
Trump at 38%

Whoever becomes president will not do as they wish. They have advisors and such. Ukiingia system unafanya kenye system (mostly corporates and the mafia behind the presidency) demand. So yes, if at all Trump wins, which I highly doubt, he will still have little room to practice his shenanigans.

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simple… book the first flight back home the guy hates us bt I doubt atashinda

This poll you got it from the pro-Clinton CNN…

walai !! nikama Clinton owns the damn network

I used to think that our media houses take political sides till i saw the American ones… CNN is Clinton News Network…

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Kwani ndio watu wanagundua hii maneno? Under which rock have you guys been living yani?



oooh jeees

It’s a left-right divide in the USA. The media orgs. depicted above lean left. Fox, Wall Street Journal, National Review etc lean right. There’s also an extremity scale…Fox and MSNBC are extreme opposites. A news org. must have an opinion, it’s a fact of life.

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Hakuna mahali tunaenda. Tumo humu twangojea kupiga kura kwa hamu na ngamu:D:D:D…We will be handing him a pink slip in about 28 days. His internship period has been mediocre to say the least. He never graduated from the copier room. He is fired!!!:smiley:

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Rudi nyumbani