How can a first timer conduct market research?

Most blogs and business experts advise people who want to venture into business, any business whether big or small, is to get a market for your goods even before your start the business. Big businesses probably have a budget and experts for this. How would a person with little capital do this? An example is that talker who wanted to venture into farmin in Narok. How can he do his market research?

Maybe they get advice from ktalk. Seriously do YOUR due deligence.

There is no better place to get advice.

Little capital calls for small business. Ain’t no shame in selling smokies and boiro as you save up for bigger things. The lessons learned in small ventures is invaluable.

Hi all. There’s a company that helps people develop, start research, and generally buy the business. It’s a company called MRF. MRF - combines proprietary information with various data sources to give the client a comprehensive view of the latest key events, expected developments, and actions to take based on those aspects. They provide step-by-step assistance to clients by providing strategic and advisory services for managerial and actionable decision-making. An excellent company that can help. They will have no problem teaching and advising you about your first research. I hope my information has been helpful.