How bosses nyemelea people's wives

Kumbe unawajua. Halafu baradhuli anakuharibia jina mpaka hata board kama haina watu werevu wataona kama wewe ndio unavuruga kazi.

Do you work in parliament?

The most painful thing for such bosses ego is that they are your boss. They can’t manipulate you to give them what they want. And to make matters worse, if you are doing better than them and maybe they know that you date men who are better than them. Better looking, more money than them, it’s crushing to their ego. Like am the boss, how can I be so powerless.

Corporate world is so hard on women, if you have the means it’s best to open for your wife a business than her working. Sexual harassment is too much. And to get ahead you must fuck someone. Nobody will promote you as a woman just based on the quality of your work. In my first job, all the women were sleeping with the boss and getting big bucks, me and the guys were getting 5k only coz we weren’t sleeping with the boss. Even the messenger was getting 20k. Later on I came to learn that the boss was HIV positive and had infected all those women who had been sleeping with him. In my second job right after that one, my boss who was a boyfriend to the married lady owner of the company, harassed me until I almost quit. He would call me saying come I show you some work I want you to do for me, nikienda he shows me porn. One day he told me to come in on a Saturday and I refused bcz I was afraid that if we were alone he would rape me. Once I was in the kitchen he grabbed me from behind I panicked and poured hot water on his trousers and shoes to escape. I started

Lemme tell you a story about a boss I really dressing like prophet owuor people but it just kept getting worse. There were many girls there who were throwing themselves at him but he was just obsessed with harassing me. I needed the work experience so I vumiliad, when I left he called me, apologized and asked me out, and I blocked him.

I also had a boss who was like a dad to me, I respected him alot when I got another job after 5 years under him, he called me to have lunch with him. When I went he told me, he’s been in love with me but couldn’t approach me bcz I was directly under him, he started telling me how wealthy he is and how he’s ready to start for a big import business side hustle. I was so disappointed that I didn’t even eat. Corporate world is just the worst for women .

And if you make a mistake and sleep with any boss, you will never hear the end of it. I had a female boss who her male colleagues would call her Malaya to her face coz she got the position by sleeping with the MD. Others would tell her she’s only good for making tea and opening her legs to men. And even women bully other women who sleep with bosses. So whichever way you look at it it’s a no win situation. As a woman you are damned if you do and damned of you don’t.

I know of a female CEO who sleeps with different subordinates but she’s very ruthless so nobody can disrespect her. I thought it was just male bosses who exploit their powers to get sex but it’s like women bosses do it too. The female CEO akikutaka she will just put you on a work trip with her, after a few such trips, she will block you and never even deal with you again.

Marriage is a really serious union, because you are making a promise to be with a person until you die. Now, the reason why many people cheat is actually not due to lack of love, because they married each other in love. The reason for infidelity is lack of communication. If a man is surrounded by a loving, submissive, compassionate, fun and empathetic wife there will actually be no reason to cheat. Treat your husband as your best friend and he will treat you the same way. But if the woman decides once she gives birth that she is focused on raising kids rather than the family, the man will cheat. Why is this so? The kids that you are raising will one day leave to start their own lives and you will be left with a broken marriage…this issue of ‘am raising kids’ is not a reason why you should stop doing these things to your husband. Don’t you think that the husband goes to work everyday to provide for the family? If yes is the answer, does he now avoid coming home because he is ‘providing the family’? You see where am headed?
Let her sit her husband down and let them mend things.
Then onto the boss. Cheating should not be glorified in marriage. It is not a normal thing. So don’t tell your husband to cheat with a condom, that’s the worst form of neglect to duty and don’t be surprised if he came with an std.
Bosses and male colleagues can sense desperation out of these married women, but let her not fall into it. It won’t end well. It never does.
Let them mend their issues and shortcomings with her husband, then they can have sex.

No iko BFF who is an MP so we hang out a lot.

Pole sana. Those are very annoying experiences. These predators rely on their position to dangle some expected benefits in your face as bait, eg. a salary raise, training opportunities, sending you abroad, etc. Woe unto the lady if she agrees to do drinks with him. You are putty in the hands of a determined man when you are drunk, so ladies be warned. What they forget is that they are promoting a work culture that is unhealthy for their own wives, sisters, daughters and nieces.
Lady bosses know what such guys do, but few care to educate and protect their juniors. No one has any business touching your boobs, thighs or ass at work, or anywhere else, just because he’s your boss!
And men, if you want a woman, find a single one, ask her out and have the balls to tell her what you want, instead of preying on your married receptionist or secretary. It’s lame, stupid and unethical. There is no bigger coward than a man who cannot face and vibe a woman when he’s stone sober, afterall, what can she do to you other than just say no?

They don’t care. Another one told me that if that’s what it would take for his daughter to climb the ladder so be it. Imagine! They like married ladies bcz even if she gets pg he won’t have to take responsibility the woman’s husband will do it. Married people both men and women when they go on work trips behave like people who have been let out of a cage. Very thirsty. They really want to drink and do naughty stuff. There was a lady who would get so drunk on those trips hadi she sleeps with the driver. To a single person traveling for leisure is a normal activity that can be done at any time so it does not excite so much but married folk don’t seem to be able to travel alot for fun, so they really make up for it during work travel.

Once upon a time I was on holiday, there was this guy who was on vacation with his wife and four kids so mchana he’s very chill but wacha the kids and wife go to bed wah wah wah. It’s a totally different person. Crazy, drunk and chasing after girls. I don’t know what marriage does to some people, they start behaving like they are straight out of jail haven’t seen a woman in years.

Society has become quite permissive unlike the time when some of us were growing up. A lot of things have changed in the workplace too–more opportunities for married women to go on work trips, stress at home, the liberal mentality where people feel because they have the means they can do anything they like, etc. Moral values are not what they used to be. That’s why I say your life is your own. Think about what you do because it is you who has to live with the outcome. After a work trip people still have to return to the office and continue with life. If you start some affair with a colleague because you are out of town together, how will you operate afterwards? People will get to know about it. And if the colleague is married one day the chickens will come home to roost.
A father who supports his daughters to be sluts so as to climb the ladder does not deserve any children. How can someone say it’s Ok for his daughters to sell themselves to men? And imagine these are the same characters who come to hand you their daughter’s CV after college to help her get something to do.

My profession took me to a number of major companies, and what I saw there regarding relationships between employees shook me.

I tell you, money empowers individuals to indulge in their darkest desires and fantasies. In the larger companies where money isn’t an impediment you get to see just how wildly people, mostly married, can behave when the circumstances allow.

I suspect that many of us are only good because we cannot afford to be bad