How bosses nyemelea people's wives

Hi mom’s, I need advance I’m married 2 this pathetic man kazi ni kuhanya we have 3 kids and the kids adore him, Sasa Kuna season he got sick sti and made me b more cautious hdi nkaenda hossy but I was ok and from then nkaacha kuwa intimate na yy completely, now the story is here my Boss want to change my life aliskia story zote za hubby now he is asking wat am I still doing with a “Malaya”, I even don know what am doing with him though my kids adores him, I’m stuck cx the boss stills wants me ata Kama sitaacha hubby eti he claims to empower me hdi hubby anirespect juu ya vile atani-upgrade, help me mom’s wat should I do alafu mi ni ule Dem faithful sijai kuwa unfaithful or promiscuous since I got married, ata matusi inakubalika pia

Malaya anaita malaya mwingine malaya.

Hawa watu ni experts at picking frustrated women vibes. Kwanzaa kama you have money problems they start by being extremely understanding and comforting you and give you money before you even ask.

I know a guy who used to give married women wamesota money without them asking. Ikifika mid month wakiwa wamesota, he’s like ile pesa nilikua uniweke lete ama nikadai bwanako. Of course they would just pay him with sex. Hizi maofisi if you are a broke woman you are in trouble. Wanakuogopanga tuu kama wewe ni source. Bosses only respect wives of loaded men. Single mothers na mabibi Wana struggle financially they pitia waki maliza next boss hadi wakupitie wooote. They respect single ladies even more than married coz wanasema married women ukipata siku amekosewa na bwana utamdry fry hio hio siku ukimkatia ama umbuyie lunch. Singles huogopa kuharibu Jina.

what kind of help do you need yet you have the answer within your reach? Ati upgrade to what second wife ama Mary Wa Kayole (mkw) excuse me please…
Either utoke ujipange ama ukae tu…ukiangalia situation ya watoto wasiumie. they should not get involved at all tho wako involved directly as direct result of the intimacy plus dependants

I don’t know where Georgina is getting these stories from but they are becoming more ridiculous by the day. Yaani whoever posted that cannot see thru the red flags? ateee my kids adore him? of course they will adore their father. Then STIs???the boss still wants me? These women are extremely stupid.

Your boss is not your marriage counselor. Treat him like your boss by keeping your private life private, or he’ll see a crack and widen it. She and the boss are just two fools that have collided. She will be crying buckets soon.

Mama married people wengi sana bring their problems to the office. Whatever is going on in the house hakuna mwenye hajui kwa ofisi. The same guy I am talking about made an 9intern pg his wife came to the office akamwaga mtama yote how the guy slept with her househelp and all her friends. Next thing she moved without telling him he was living in the hotel and telling everyone in the office how the wife is bad.

Why should you tell office people how your husband gave you an STD? Of course men being men once they know that you are not on good terms with your spouse they will take advantage of the situation to pitia you and btw in the office once you have slept with one boss you are branded a whore by all men and women nobody will respect you again coz atatangazia everyone. Some even say that you are lousy in bed no wonder bwana anakuhanya. They will just spoil your reputation and give you peanuts, they won’t help you substantially.

In the office once you share your problems with one person you might as well just put them on the notice board.

Kweli kabisa. Funny though, some people think you are anti-social if they don’t know anything personal about you yet you do your work and mind your own business. We have lots of busy bodies in suits. Some so called bosses are very silly people who don’t actually work.

The lady is a buffoon. Nevertheless she displays several classic behaviours that are good to analyse and dissect.

  1. She shares intimate details with people at the office and online who will never help her but instead mock her. Society is not sympathetic to you. Hadi mambo ya STI. Share problems with maybe mother only.
  2. She believes that denying husband sex will solve anything. Instead it will worsen problems. He will get sex. Liwe na liwalo.
    3.There are power and authority issues in her marriage. Note the place where she says she will be empowered so that husband respects her. Men don’t respect you when you are very Rich and kichwa ngumu. You will estrange him further.
  3. She is a shortsighted person. She has not thought through the relationship issue with boss. Will he change your life as he eats with CD or dryfry. Once he is through how will people view you etc. He may even impregnated you in the process.
    5.She is a simpleton who believes in shortcuts in life. How many has the boss empowered. Where are they. How pretty are you compared to 20 something’s outside there. Can it be that easy to wealth.
  4. Her marriage will end in tears. Her husband if and when he finds out will leave her and her kids suffering. She will be branded a hoe. She will go deeper into infidelity or casual sex to seek money and status and finally she will be on Tinder being enjoyed by lowlifes like @Agwambo.

Now sorry for being very verbose.

Most conferences I have attended with work colleagues and ladies from other organizations have shown me that married women are easiest to lay at times at zero cost or even profit i.e. they foot the bills

Second, women are Hoodwinked by independent woman vibe to ruin their families. I know an organization like Bunge many women are divorced or cheating openly. The MPs and bosses change the ladies lives completely.
I know of one Kunguru, who during last Parliament hooked up with a coastal MP and had an affair that was even in the news as the wife complained. They ended up having a kid and got a house in Karen. The MP lost his seat. The lady told him she doesn’t deal with losers he should go away. She remained in the Karen house and told him he must take care of the seed of their illicit liasion.

Another one came as a lowly staff member. She was married to a prison warder and they had kids. She was tasted by senior guys and left hubby. She got married as a second wife to an MP. Nowadays she is one of the women with the most expensive tastes. Even new female MPs consult her on fashion and grooming. Lakini she got the big disease along the way. Even bar maids tell her that she should not bother them as they fondle the husband when he is drunk because she also got him when married.

Married women also offer a safe and drama free avenue for bosses to quench their sexual thirst. She will not tell openly and can’t bring drama in the morning. One time an MP friend went to coast. He then called me when i was in Nairobi and instructed me to deposit 70K for him in MPesa. I did so and briefed him. I was curious what it was for he told me that he wants to use it after eating some staff members who were on retreat with him.
I asked why not get soft Swahili babes at Bei nafuu. He said those ones once they discover you are a VIP will bring drama to hotel and leave you without a name because they will demand crazy money morning after. Nikaona sense na nikatii.

I had a boss like that. He wants to know everything about you rather everything about everyone. Jamaa yani ukiingia kwa ofisi yake ama mupatane kwa lift the two of you you will regret. Grilling. He’s trying to get 411 about people from you. Hadi anataka mukae chini to gossip students on attachment. I even changed departments coz he was too much. You can not stick to job. Mucene 24’7. I pity the wife. I have never seen a man who is so petty. What value does other people’s business add to your life. Too nosy for life. Meanwhile me here I keep to myself, I don’t follow people’s private business and people actually respect who mind their own business. Ikifika election jamaa haezi Pata votes na hio kiherehere yote. People will vote for sober people wamekomaa who do not follow up on personal life of others.

You know I am realizing men love gossip more than women. There was another guy wah tell him something 5 minutes ago in the next 1 hour everyone he comes across will know. There is nothing I hate than a man who is a busy body more than even salon and barbershop people. It’s very unmasculine.

Nigga did you just say am a lowlife??

Rusha kitu ya Tinder tukule. Wacha feelings

Wewe nyonga pole pole fala

A guy like that pretends to be supportive professionally to bring you close, but when be thinks it’s the right moment and tries his move, that’s the make or break point. After that things will go downhill if it was not well thought out, 'cause he will feel embarassed once you turn him down. He will become your enemy, and you won’t know peace at work from then on. After that women start being frustrated–no assignments, delayed payments/allowances, trumped-up accusations, unequal treatment, your input being ignored during meetings, etc.
I’ve worked with one in the past. Such fellows are very insecure. If a guy on his staff tries to diffuse the situation by offering suggestions or correcting the unfairness he thinks you are challenging his authority. In his mind he doesn’t see any worth in your ideas–he sees competition for the lady cause that is what he’s occupied with. The fool thinks you want her too. Pathetic.

The biggest mistake a person makes when confronted with a problem is that he thinks the other person is 100% responsible for it. The first thing she should have done, even before sending this story here is to fix her marriage. Sit your husband down, to know the reasons why he has been cheating and work together to find solutions and make a happy home. That won’t be solved by denying him sex, the man will still go out due to frustration.
And again, never air out your problems to the world. Frankly, no one cares about your problems. If you have a job, go to work, do your best at work and head back home satisfied with a productive day. I don’t buy the story that the boss saw through her problems, it’s either she gave out cues or she was telling people of her problems.
Don’t listen to your boss, and focus on your marriage.
Try to go the way your boss tells you and you will earn buckets of premium machos. Don’t play such a stupid game, you’ll earn a stupid reward.

who is this very annoying person na post za ki shenzi sewage rat is that you?

when he’s had you to his fill he’ll call you malaya and fire you…but what do i know?

You are completely right. He would not even approve my leave. When we would go for out of town assignments, he would make sure that he would keep working till its dark then he starts insisting we go out on the town together. I told him it’s insecure at night and I don’t want to risk my security to go out on the town. After several such attempts he sent another boss to me to tell me that if I cooperate with him he will give me a promotion. I told the messenger that I am not that cheap, he should know the type of people who are seduced by promotions. Eventually when I left his department, he would ask me out every Friday for one year, I never even went to lunch with him. He told people that I am very arrogant I will not even allow a man to buy me a cup of tea. One day he came into my office after I left his department and sat down to chat me up after begging me to visit his office and me never obliging him. So he asked me what is it that I want from a man, why am I so hard on men. I told him I am independent. Men can’t seduce or buy me. It’s me who makes the choice about what man I want. After that convo he nicknamed me independent candidate. He was so hated by the other staff that one time he got an accident and guys were like why didn’t he just die. He is a pretender but people know him.

She’s not having sex bcz he gave her an STD. Men don’t need a reason to cheat. Even Jay Z cheats on Beyonce. So let’s not blame the wife for the husbands philandering, she’s busy raising 3 kids single handedly. Men are not children. He needs to use condoms when he cheats. Relationships are a two way street, this narrative that women are 8ones to work on marriage but not the men, is a lie. No relationship can work if only one party usually the party with the most responsibilities is working on it.

Women feel fed up and frustrated after giving their all to husbands and getting only abuse, contempt and STDs in return. That is why a frustrated wife will fall into the arms of any man showing her the least amount of compassion and support. Ask any man, not just bosses, any man who interacts with married women. Including gym instructors. Married women are the cheapest and easiest to seduce and screw. One guy even told me that a married woman is the best target for unprotected, quick and easy sex unlike singles who make alot of demands. A married lady only needs compliments and a listening year. So hungry and desperate for a man’s attention are they that you can start chatting her up in the morning and fuck her over lunch break with no HIV test and no condom. If you go on a work trip just one night out on the town and she will get drunk tell you all her problems with the husband and even beg you to fuck her. Those are the words of a single guy not mine.