How Biden plans to deal with China

Ha ha ha! Scrap the tariffs imposed by Trump and sit down with Xi Jinping. USA will be feasted on properly.

Mshaanza kumCritisize na bado hajakua sworn in, haaaaa!

Huyu Biden atakubali countries like Tanzania wakatae uwongo za Coronavirus? Trump did not impose sanctions on Tanzania for refusing to shut down and cook up fake infection numbers. I think Biden will be intolerant just like all democrats

Stick to Rutosim…
Hii ingine wacha kabisaa…
Unapatuka payola hapa tuu

China is a schemer good luck with that sleepy joe

Prepare for mcoondo shafting just like his fellow Democrat homobama

senile piece of chieth

The Chicoms effectively exploited racial tensions to deceive the feeble-minded that the elections were a referendum on race. Idiots! One day they will cry for Trump, of that I’m sure.

Pathetic Sleepy Joe Biden. The Devil-crats will know who the Chinese really are but it will be too late to do anything. Brother Trump will be having the last laugh as he sips his fine whiskey and beef steak over a round of golf at Mar-a-Largo with the gorgeous Melania by his side. Long live brother Trump! God loved USA but the Devil loved her more.

Pathetic bonobos, instead of concentrating on eliminating corruption and poverty in their shithole, they are busy dissecting another country’s affairs, homo stupidos.

takataka chukua bribes za panya buku za hunters and gatherers hapo Boni forest polepole

Indeed that’s what concerns me, pangusa gari ya Vishnu Kumar Singh bila kusumbua Sisi na silly conspiracy theories about other people’s country.

I wish that ghassia sees ur black ass calling him brother, if he called ur motherland shithole what will he call u simple black ignorant chief? Let them burn he isn’t ur brother, he thinks he is ur master. I don’t pity him nor the other to me they all deserve to be hanged and all white racist motherfuckers and their homo countries deserve to burn