How are we on the same planet with jamaicans????


If uve never been to a passa passa party then uve ain’t lived yet!


I’ve never understood this pasapasa business, si watoe tu nguo zote, what’s the point of half measures and soft teasing??

there are three types of jamaicans; sprinters, ganja smokers and reggae musicians. some jamaicans are a subset of all three or two of the other sets…:D:D

Adverse effects of slavery… their concept of morality was skewed and screwed from the word go!! Lakini haidhuru!!

morality my ass when white bitches fuck dogs and horses.

people are generally slow in life

The level of bleaching in there is on another level also.

Sets, subsets kweli wewe tortoise. Old maths .:D:D:D

kuna kitu inaitwa “skinout” mambo balaa

can’t you commend me for remembering stuffs i learnt in class two?

Honestly I’m impress , few would recall that !

I love their energy. They look happy despite their status as a country

Passa passa is the best

Jamaicans are OK as a nation. I am a sucker for a happy people. Strange how patronising you sound. Their GDP per capita is about US$ 4,800 compared to ours which stands at a measly US$ 1,500. They’re also ahead of us in many of the metrics that matter. Sometimes we just need to wind our necks in a little! :cool:

I am thinking in terms of say investments. They are a country that has been rocked by civil wars for as long as I have known them. Investing huko is risky sana. Most who do, must be thick headed because law is upheld by the people themselves. Morgan heritage once highlighted the plight…


what civil wars?

There used to be some trouble around elections in the 70s in Jamaica. A bit like what we experience every electoral cycle ourselves. Jamaica remains a solid place to invest.