How and why did Charles leave Diana for this crocodile?


She will always melt our hearts. That charming smile has never graced the Buckingham palace before.

Prince Charles ame bald sai akakuwa something else. Prince Harry amefugwa na American kunguru

Some guys have phobia for ‘vitu mzuri’…it cuts across all races.

Imagine having a wife who is all over the place. someone who is woke in the 1980s. Charles needed someone to stay home and take care of him as he provided all the princely privileges. Diana wanted to be a princess but also have party life. she was also condescending on the royals. You can compare Diana’s last days to Ginimbi’s last days.

ajuaye utamu wa senyeste ni mtombaji

Kitu hamuelewi,charles and camilla walijuana waaaaay before diana aingie kwa picha,ramifications hazingemkubalisha amuoe na wapate watoi.The blue bloodline would have been tainted

Only Charles knows how tight Camilla’s poosy is.

Is it not tainted now that Harry married Megan? Lakini huyo Harry hakuwa wa Charles he looks too much like James Hewitt who was Diana’s @Ben10

Ndugu Chifu, ushawahi date hawa wazungu feminists? Many are beautiful and even very good in bed but Wacha I tell you this, I’ve run away from one more beautiful than Diana. It’s like a never ending battle zone. If you have a community influence wherever you’re ( that’s only reason they’d date u), they’ll use that to the max. And actually will criticize what doesn’t fit them. In short, selfish pricks who need to hitch a ride on someone else wagon. They use beauty to lure u, the same way that cannibalistic plant uses nectar to trap, kill and eat

Diana was too real for this world. She didn’t give a shiet about the queen or the royal protocol.

She then messed up when she started dating a Muslim. Royals couldn’t imagine having step siblings with a Muslim.

What number in line is he? He gave the middle finger to eliza like what his great uncle did by canoodling with an american socialite

Camila inakaa anapea Charlo mkia

Social climbers… These women are just men in a female body, very ruthless

Camila inakaa anapea Charlo mkia

@uwesmake can relate…
Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka
circa 1921

Diana’s mistake was involving herself with a pagan man, and having a pagan child inside her stomach

The original version in memory of Norma Jean(Mariyln Monroe) is great…

Africans have a saying “He who did not see his mother in her youth wonders why his dad threw away his dowry”. Tafuta mbicha ya Parker Bowles when she was in her 20’s and early 30’s.