How Alcohol Culture Spread in Central

This songs changed people’s perspective on alcohol

I nawe uranyua soda,ati niguo utonge,Ngai atendete ndungitonga…

The only okuyu song that changed kuyos perspective about alcohol was ‘my dear bottro’

Its my dear Nduko…you know nothing about kikuyu benga… stick to Ohangla ya Tony Nyadundo

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It is Moi alimwaga alcohol central kumalisa okuyus after okuyus led by matiba and kibaki opposed his rule.

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That claim cannot be denied. There a suspiciously high amount of ethanol in central at the time

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But Matiba was head of Kenya Breweries.

Kuna tofauti ya pombe na kairasy. Moi was flooding the market with deadly kumi kumi


Chemical warfare.

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He was busy banning musicians like kamaru for being slightly controversial and allowing this garbage through the airwaves

And imagine okuyu hawakuisha even after that. We are still going strong