How Agwambo Betrayed His Wife


What kind of hatred can make you betray your own sister like this?

Im having a conversation hapa with a lady and apparently, her sister (younger) took her husband and the two are now married with two kids.

According to her, her sister cleared campus and wanted to back home and live with the parents. Being the adult though, she felt that the younger sister moving back home, would be a bad move.

So, she invited her to stay in her house while she waited for things to pan out.

After like seven months, the sister started getting gigs hapa na pale and even chipping in towards the rent and anything else she could.

At the time, she and her husband had one child, a son.

Ten months in, the sister gets pregnant. She hides it for a while but when it starts to show, she sits her down and demands for answers.

Hapa, the baby sister remains mute but later says she wants to go home and talk to her mother. She does exactly that.

A week or so later, this lady (the one telling me this story) gets called home kwao by the mother. The mother tells her they needed to talk.

Kufika home, she doesn’t find her sister there but the mom tells her she has some bad news and needed her to be bothered brace herself and be strong.

The mom then tells her that her baby sister was pregnant for the her husband Yani bwana yake.

The mom further says that while it was wrong, the baby sister had claimed they (she and her husband’s sister) were in love and we’re in fact not planning to stop.

This woman loses it. She travels back to Nairobi and finds her sister in her house waiting for her.

She almost kills her but resolves to just leaving her alone.

She gets her kid and walks away. Her sister and the husband officially moves in to another house and they even go for ruracio.

“Did he ‘racia’ you?” I ask.

‘Yes! He did’

‘And he didn’t ask for it back?’
She says she hasn’t been to her mother’s for the last seven years coz she feels like her mom betrayed her too.:flushed:

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This is Bad…

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@Mikymas acha kuvaa kamisi na leso leta summary mkuu


When it comes to matters related to mapenzi, sisterhood inatupiliwanga mbali sana.

Mwanamke na the words “I love you” sijui huwa inawafanyia nini hasa. They instantly become stupid.

Kuna dem nilimuuliza nini hufanyika wakiambiwa wanapendawa. Akanisho “mtu huskia tu ivo tu”
I asked her to explain. “unaskia tu vizuri” she said.

“Eleza fiti hakuna kitu unasema hapo”. Nikazusha.

Dem akadai “unaskia tu…eh… wacha tu, yani love , sijui nikuambie aje” (akajibu akijishika kifua na mikono yote miwili).

I concluded hii maneno matamu do have a drug like effect on their brains.

“Unaskia tu kuongea na yeye hata hunashindwa kufikiria ni yeye tu kwa akili”.

I learnt madem huwa wagonjwa akili na hawawezi admit. How can words make an adult act stupid.

Back to our post, Yani hakujali dadake. She only cared about herself.


Men fall in love with what we see(we are crazy over a pretty face boobs and Ass)…
women fall in love what they hear (I love you, you are beautiful, I will give you the whole world)

Sweet nothings makes their panty wet


kuna shida, hakuna vile mzee ataamka tu na apee sister ya bibi yake mimba.

Young sis is a true traitor. Karma will catch up with her


@Minomolokanyunja Agwambo is always horny. Ata maid hakuwa anawaeka


Hizi ni gani elder.Siutag @Agwambo ?Am too young for this bullshit i dont even have a wife.


I know a guy who is married to two sisters. And another who ditched his wife for her sister.

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Izi vitu hukuwa common than most people would like to admit I had a FWB who told me after going to her sister place to look after her vile alizaa hubby alianza kumkatia and sooner than later they were exchanging fluids vigorously
@Mbochkiburi @muiritu79 @KuwaitBabe leteni maoni

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Ghasia punguza hizo mexican soap opera. Mambo ya alehandro wachia @Benn_Dover
Huyo dem awache upussy Pia Jacob alioa masister. She should join the other Kwa 3sum.


At times it’s good to consider others, to be respectful na kadhalika. Tabia njema muhimu.

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Ikiwa Jakob alifight na mungu Hadi akabless yeye. Mungu was not against polygamous. Wachana na musungu now he is advocating we ditch our women for fellow men. Men should be allowed to marry many women kama wako na uwezo.

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With reference to the post above, he married a second wife without informing the first wife, that is not a case of a man looking forward to having more than one wife.

A polygamist informs his many wives whenever he wants to bring in another woman. Otherwise ni jamaa hana sauti, ni kigwayo.

There is no way the husband woke up one day and seduced the sister. The wife should have done something that resented the husband. Iko Bibi huwa na kiburi and want to control and boss the husband.

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Maybe, we can only speculate. Labda sis mdogo alikuwa na tabia tu mzuri za kufurahisha.


Wewe umeoa. Lakini Bibi yako anajua uko na irreducible minimum. Ukitoka hasol yeye hujua ukingia Kwa nyumba. Ni jukumu lake to make you feel comfortable at home. Serves you supper before going to rest. Lakini ukiingia Kwa nyumba anze madharau ati go serve yourself. Uta feel aje. U will ask yourself Nani ameoa mwingine. As a man you feel appreciated when your wife serves you humbly. You can do everything for her.


Among the Luo and Luyha there is a silent saying - shemeji ni mboga…

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Na kitu inafanya wamama wanawachwa ni kufikiria they’re doing the man a favor wakifanya the necessary