How African Countries Attained Their Fake Independence - Dr. Arikana Chihombori.

For most African countries, the independence deal was as unjust as the deals made between the British and laibon Lenana.


Over time, I have come to notice that fools here usually have nothing to say on this kinds of Africa related topics.

I think its because of cognitive dissonance. I.e fools have been taught one set of lies since bath, then they start getting bits of truth and don’t know what to make of it.

great interview

It’s because if you were brought up thinking a certain way, then you discover truths to the contrary, you are so invested in your old ways you don’t want to believe it was all lies.

I usually ask myself who designed the education curriculum. Parents should be involved in their kids education and point out lies they’re being taught in school

There is nothing like Independence. The white man is still controlling like 80% of Africa or rather the colonizers are still managing the colonies through the current leaders in the colonies.

What is stopping Africans from achieving real independence now that they realise they were handed fake independence?

The only truly independent country must be Somalia

Our education system was designed and is still curated by the former colonialist. There are tons and tons of information on .ke history that every Kenyan child should learn BUT it has ALL been suppressed by the former colonialist because its “embarrassing” to them.

This suppression has continued right up to the recently launched CBC which contains the same lies and whitewash that have been told since 1963.

E.g if one of those local history professors was to write a schools curriculum book which contains truths about all the stuff that has been lied about, the book would be rejected for use in schools by MoE as containing unverified malicious untruths.

China loan + WB/IMF + kitu 1 million binding treaties, agreements, contracts (some for 999 yrs) and of course the whole class of collaborator president’s, prime minister and their cronies etc.