How a proper city should look like

Surprisingly,a third-rate city in Malaysia(Surabaya) has better mobility than Nairobi. I actually dream of the days when Nairobi will have trams and lightrail system instead of hideous matatus. We can’t be doing things the same way we did back in '80s and expect phenomenal growth,the world is definitely changing at a quick pace, quicker than one can possibly imagine! Would love to know your view.

Eti trams na light rail system? mko na jokes. you are not serious manufacturers and export nothing, mtafinance izo vitu mnataka na nini?

kubalini ile level mko, hapo ndio mnafaa kuwa.

Madellin city Colombia.
images (3).jpegimages (4).jpegimages (5).jpegimages (6).jpeg

Kwa kina Mzito Pablo Escobar… swafi sana.

My favorite!



Nairobi will only become a decent city when all the jaruos, baruhyas and Kikuyus living in slums and informal settlements are hounded back to their villages.

As long as politicians have vested interest in matatus, it will never happen

A perfect summary of a chaotic city.

Wacha hate elder, how would you define your humble aboard as decent? What are the parameters or measures? Babako alikununulia nduthi vile ulimaliza form 4 ndio ukaona ume make it sana sindio?

Note how I am specifically naming three communities. Hawa ndio wamekuja kuchafua/congesting the city

But we already have commuter trains in nairobi. They operate in the following routes: CBD - athi river, CBD - Ruiru, CBD - Emabakasi, CBD - Kikuyu etc. We financed them kitambo. Uhuru alifanya kazi buana.



Unataka kusema the tribal Minority’s shit don’t stink, right? How about a different demographic, like how the Youth ndio wanachafua, coz they own nothing?

Nairobi has tried from a few shops in 1900s to where we are, I’d say we are okay. Thanks to mzungus foresight. Ingekua ni sisi moi avenue ingekua single lane ndio tuongeze buloti maguta. If you want to know how good we are just take a drive in Kampala during rush hour. Utatamani kujiua

Nairobi looks much better than hiyo @Surabaya yako:


thika rd.jpg

uhuru park.jpg

nairobi park.jpg

Nairobi aerial photo.jpg

Hii sasa ndio Everything, Everywhere, all at once.

Also what is wrong with having matatus on our roads? Trams and trains cant get you to your destination as efficiently as the way matatus do. Matatus also support many segments of the economy/population from vehicle sellers, body builders, drivers, conductors, tyre companies, petroli, insurance, painters/artists, matatu owners, financing banks etc etc.

Nairobi is a beautiful city. Low income residential areas are the ones that need upgrading. Good that Uhuru put cabros mpaka dandora.

You know even Karen has no sewage system.

So? Hata US many homes hawana sewer, they use septic tanks.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 60 million people in the nation are served by septic systems. That means about 26 million homes (one-fourth of all homes) in America.