how a female nurse cleansed her eyes

[SIZE=6]Female nurse, 27, posed as male doctor in order to get women patients to send her explicit pictures.

[SIZE=5]A female nurse posed as a male doctor so that she could con them into sending her explicit photos of themselves.

Adele Rennie, 27, used a host of aliases and a voice-changing app to mask her true identity while trawling social media sites to find victims for her ruse."

Rennie, a former staff nurse at Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire also pretended her close relatives were dying so that she could gain sympathy.
She has now admitted 18 separate charges of stalking causing fear and alarm, sexual offences, data protection breaches, attempting to pervert justice and breaching bail conditions between 2012 and 2016.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court was told how Rennie made a friend request to a 22-year-old woman on Facebook, telling her she was a doctor called David Crolla.
She also targeted another of her 10 victims on Facebook, saying she was David Graham and worked in intensive care at Glasgow Southern General Hospital, according to the Daily Record.

One woman was also sent a love letter by Rennie at her home address – but the victim does not remember giving it out.
The woman worked in Glasgow with another of Rennie’s victims, who later told her Dr Graham was a female called Adele Rennie and she lived in Kilmarnock.

Mr Toal said: ”She felt sick and disgusted given the sexual conversation that had passed between them.”

Rennie’s duplicity was uncovered when her mobile phone called a victim by accident while it was in her pocket and the number matched Rennie’s Snapchat profile.

Police discovered Rennie had resigned from Crosshouse Hospital because of an NHS probe after being confronted by a victim.

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